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EPSEarnings Per Share
EPSElectronic Procurement System
EPSElectric Power Steering
EPSExpanded Polystyrene (styrofoam)
EPSÉducation Physique et Sportive (French: Physical Education and Sports)
EPSEdmonton Police Service
EPSEvergreen Public Schools (various locations)
EPSEvergreen Public School (various locations)
EPSElectronic Power Steering
EPSExpandable Polystyrene
EPSEuropean Physical Society
EPSEntidades Promotoras de Salud
EPSEvolved Packet System (3GPP technologies)
EPSEarth and Planetary Sciences
EPSEnd Point Security
EPSEmergency Power Supply
EPSEducational Programs and Services (various schools)
EPSEdinburgh Photographic Society (UK)
EPSExpress Parcel Service (various locations)
EPSElectrophysiology Study
EPSExtrapyramidal Symptoms
EPSEnergy and Power Solutions (California)
EPSEuropean Protected Species (EU)
EPSEducational Psychology
EPSEnvironmental Protection System
EPSEdina Public Schools (Minnesota)
EPSElectric Power Systems (Maryland Heights, Missouri)
EPSE-Procurement System (various companies)
EPSEfficient Power System
EPSExecutive Protection System (weapon)
EPSEconomists for Peace and Security (New York)
EPSElgin Park Secondary School (South Surrey, BC, Canada)
EPSEvents per Second (computing metric)
EPSElite Proxy Switcher (software)
EPSEuropean Project Semester (school project)
EPSExternal Power Supply
EPSEarly Production System (various companies)
EPSEngine Protection System
EPSElite Player Squad (UK)
EPSExport Post Script
EPSEpson Laser
EPSE-Plus Service
EPSEthernet Print Server
EPSE-Mail Postal Software
EPSEntry Power Supply
EPSElectronic Payment Service
EPSError Programmer'S Sequence
EPSE-Mail Proxy Server
EPSEncapsulated Post Script
EPSElectronic Prepaid System
EPSElectronic Payment System
EPSElementary Procedures
EPSE-Mail Preference Services
EPSEnvironmental Protection Specialist (various government agencies)
EPSEngineered Products and Solutions (various companies)
EPSElectric Power System
EPSEumetsat Polar System
EPSEco Pickled Surface (descaling process)
EPSEnsemble Prediction System
EPSEstate Planning System (software)
EPSEmergency Psychiatric Services
EPSEnterprise Payment Solutions (est. 2003)
EPSElectrical Power System
EPSElektroprivreda Srbije (Serbian: Electric Power Industry of Serbia)
EPSEuropean Peptide Society (est. 1989)
EPSEducation pour la Santé (French)
EPSEnterprise Protection Strategy (Trend Micro)
EPSExtracellular Polysaccharides
EPSEnergetic Particle Spectrometer (physics)
EPSEvent Processing System
EPSEnergy Portfolio Standard (various organizations)
EPSEducational Psychology Service
EPSEmpresas Promotoras de Salud (Colombia)
EPSEmergency Planning Society (est. 1993)
EPSExternal Power Source
EPSExecutive Protective Service (United States Secret Service)
EPSExtracellular Polymeric Substance
EPSExperimental Psychology Society
EPSElectronic Publishing Services Ltd.
EPSEquipment Protection Switching
EPSEducators Publishing Service (Cambridge, MA)
EPSEnterprise Payment System
EPSEfficiency Portfolio Standard (various organizations)
EPSElectrical Power Subsystem
EPSExpressed Prostatic Secretions
EPSExtrapyramidal Syndrome
EPSElectronic Posting System
EPSEmployment Practices Solutions (Texas)
EPSEncina Power Station (Carlsbad, CA)
EPSEncefalopatia Porto-Sistemica (Portuguese: Porto-Systemic Encephalopathy)
EPSEnvironmental Planning Services (various locations)
EPSEffective Problem Solving
EPSEnterprise Project Structure
EPSEconomic Planning System
EPSElectric Power Industry of Serbia
EPSEvolutionary Programming Society
EPSEthernet Protection Switching (Occam Networks)
EPSEnterprise Production System (aka Manufacturing Execution System, MES)
EPSEvergreen Primary School (Singapore)
EPSEnergy Policy Scenario
EPSEmbedded Processor System
EPSEquipment Performance Specification
EPSEnvironmental Priority Strategies
EPSEngineering and Professional Services Incorporated
EPSEncased Postage Stamp
EPSEnvironmental Portfolio Standard
EPSEnterprise Password Safe (computer passwords)
EPSEpidemic Prevention Station (hospitals)
EPSElectrical Power Source
EPSEnterprise Professional Services (Austin, TX)
EPSElectric Pencil Sharpener
EPSEpicurean Preservation System (vacuum pump)
EPSElectronic Publishing Systems
EPSElastosis Perforans Serpiginosa
EPSEnterprise Parallel Server
EPSÉlectroménager Pièces Services (French: Electronics Parts Services)
EPSEdinburgh Petroleum Services
EPSEterno Primer Semestre (Spanish: Eternal First Semester)
EPSElectronic Payment Services, Inc.
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EPSEngineers, Planners & Surveyors (various locations)
EPSEnterprise Performance System (E-Talk Corporation)
EPSEmpty Passenger Stock (UK)
EPSEjercicio Profesional Supervisado (Guatemala)
EPSEar, Patella, Short Stature Syndrome
EPSEducational Plant Survey (Florida)
EPSEffektive Pferdestärken (German: Actual Horse Power)
EPSEuropean Polar System (satellite related)
EPSEthical Practices System (American Sign Language Interpreters)
EPSEnvironmental Processing System
EPSEye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
EPSElectro Plasma System (Star Trek)
EPSEarnings Per Stock
EPSEarthquake Protection Systems, Inc. (Mare Island, Vallejo, California )
EPSEmdeon Practice Services (Tampa, FL)
EPSEnhanced Platform Services (Sprint)
EPSElectronic Power Shift
EPSEnlisted Promotion System
EPSEnhanced Polar System (US DoD)
EPSÉtudes Probabilistes de Sûreté (French: Probabilistic Safety Assessment)
EPSExport Promotion Services
EPSEducation Professional Studies
EPSEmbedded Pserver (Novell)
EPSEssential Programs & Services (Maine)
EPSEnergetic Particles Sensor
EPSEmissions Processing System
EPSEnvironmental Planning Statement
EPSExophthalmos-Producing Substance
EPSElektropneumatische Schaltung
EPSEvil Princess Sara (webcomic)
EPSExercise Planning Staff
EPSEunos Primary School (Singapore)
EPSEngineering Practice Study
EPSEasy Payment System
EPSEngineering Performance Specification
EPSEnhanced Processing Segment
EPSElectronic Player Station (gaming)
EPSEnhanced Production System
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EPSEnterprise Preservation Society (Enterprise, Florida)
EPSElectronic Payment Summary (Blue Cross)
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EPSElevated Parking Structure (aka parking garage)
EPSEngineering and Planning System (Bellcore)
EPSEarthquake Protective Systems
EPSEmergency Petition Service
EPSEmergency Pest Suppression
EPSEdgefield Primary School (Singapore)
EPSEnvironment Protectors Society
EPSEnergized Plasma Stream
EPSEngineering Plans & Services
EPSELINT Processing Subsystem
EPSEngineered/Engineering Performance Standard
EPSElectrical Power and Paddle Subsystem
EPSEquitable Provision of Service levels
EPSElectronic Pet Shop (online store)
EPSElectronics Packaging Subsystem (Cassini Plasma Spectrometer)
EPSExtraction Point Set
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In this work, a short-range ensemble prediction system, based on a set of mesoscale models with different subgrid-scale physic schemes and two different initial conditions, is developed over the Iberian Peninsula and Balearics.
Six nowcasting systems (model based, radar tracking, and combined nowcasting systems), nine deterministic mesoscale numerical weather prediction models (with grid spacings down to 250 m), and six ensemble prediction systems (including two with explicitly simulated deep convection) participated in FROST-2014.
GloSea4 is an ensemble prediction system built around HadGEM3_AO_r1.
TIGGE is a research archive consisting of data from 10 operational global ensemble prediction systems (EPSs), including the analyses, the control simulation, and the perturbed ensemble members.
2013) and improves the skill of accumulated precipitation in a high-resolution ensemble prediction system (Bengtsson and Kornich 2016).
The main challenge when designing ensemble prediction systems (EPSs) lies in the proper representation of initial conditions (and their errors) and of model uncertainty to obtain reliable estimates of prediction error and forecast probabilities.
Beck, 2013: Global analysis of seasonal streamflow predictability using an ensemble prediction system and observations from 6192 small catchments worldwide.
Bannister, 2014: Representation of model error in a convective-scale ensemble prediction system.
For precipitation, we use the blended version of Short-Term Ensemble Prediction System (STEPS) in which a multiplicative-scale cascade is used to separate the treatment of scales with different predictability horizons (Bowler et al.
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