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ENTEar, Nose & Throat
ENTERA (European Research Area)-Net Transport (est. 2004; Germany)
ENTEnterprise (Star Trek)
ENTEntomology (code)
ENTEspace Numérique de Travail (French: Digital Work Space)
ENTEnvironnement Numérique de Travail (French: Digital Work Environment)
ENTElectrical Nonmetallic Tubing (also seen as ENMT)
ENTEducation with New Technologies (Harvard University)
ENTEast Nottingham Township (Pennsylvania)
ENTEnteral Nutrition Therapy (treatment)
ENTEGNOS Network Time
ENTEarth New Technologies
ENTEconomic Need Test
ENTEnterprise Network Team (IT & telecommunications)
ENTEffective Number of Transmissions (metric)
ENTEnd of Nautical Twilight
ENTEnterprise Networks and Telecommunications
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Antigenic diversity of meningococcal enterobactin receptor FetA, a vaccine component.
The BB is structurally related to enterobactin isolated from the Gram-negative bacterium E.
In the case of enterobactin biosynthesis, mutational analysis of EntF-Te led to reduced product release and enabled [27] to identify intermediate reaction products such as linear (DHB-Ser)2 and enzyme-bound species such as (DHB-Ser)-S-PCP, (DHB-Ser)1-O-Te, and (DHB-Ser)2-O-Te by ESI-MS.
However, it has been shown that EntD, the Ppant transferase associated with enterobactin biosynthesis, modifies both the ArCP domain of EntB [27] and the PCP domain of EntF [28].
subtilis requires FeuABC/YusV for growth when provided with ferric BB and enterobactin [29].
Utilization of enterobactin and other exogenous iron sources by Haemophilus influenzae.
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