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Antigenic diversity of meningococcal enterobactin receptor FetA, a vaccine component.
The BB is structurally related to enterobactin isolated from the Gram-negative bacterium E.
In the case of enterobactin biosynthesis, mutational analysis of EntF-Te led to reduced product release and enabled [27] to identify intermediate reaction products such as linear (DHB-Ser)2 and enzyme-bound species such as (DHB-Ser)-S-PCP, (DHB-Ser)1-O-Te, and (DHB-Ser)2-O-Te by ESI-MS.
However, it has been shown that EntD, the Ppant transferase associated with enterobactin biosynthesis, modifies both the ArCP domain of EntB [27] and the PCP domain of EntF [28].
subtilis requires FeuABC/YusV for growth when provided with ferric BB and enterobactin [29].
Utilization of enterobactin and other exogenous iron sources by Haemophilus influenzae.
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