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Prasad K: Antioxidant activity of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside-derived metabolites, secoisolariciresinol, enterodiol, and enterolactone.
Kitts DD, Yuan YV, Wijewickreme AN, Thompson LU: Antioxidant activity of the flaxseed lignan secoisolariciresinol diglucoside and its mammalian lignan metabolites enterodiol and enterolactone.
Enterodiol data for two girls were not available because these results did not fulfill the quality assurance/quality control requirements.
The major lignans identified in humans are now termed enterolactone and enterodiol, and they are described as resulting from bacterial transformation in the large bowel of matairesinol and secoisolariciresinol, respectively (25-27).
Other lignans bear equally tongue-twisting names, but only two lignans are of ultimate significance to human health: enterodiol and enterolactone.
Enterodiol and enterolactone exert their estrogenic effects through binding to estrogen receptor (ER) or show anti-estrogenic effects by competing with endoestrogen on ER (Setchell and Adlercreutz, 1988).
21-25,28) Evidence indicates that plant lignans acquire their anticancer properties only after being ingested and converted by intestinal bacteria to mammalian lignans, particularly enterolactone and enterodiol.
Phytoestrogens can be divided into three main classes: isoflavones (such as genistein and daidzein), coumestans (such as coumestrol), and lignans (such as enterodiol and enterolactone) (Figure 1).
16) Lignans appear to have a protective effect against some cancers because they are metabolized by beneficial bacteria in the colon into enterolactone and enterodiol, two substances that have mild estrogen-like effects.
Lignans are plant compounds metabolized in the mammalian gut to produce the phytoestrogens enterolactone and enterodiol.
Research has shown that the sesamin lignan can be converted by intestinal microflora in humans to the mammalian lignans, enterolactone and enterodiol, which may have protective effects against hormone-related diseases such as breast cancer.