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EIECEnteroinvasive E. Coli
EIECEastern Illini Electric Cooperative
EIECEuropean Institute for Economy and Commerce (Belgium)
EIECEaton India Engineering Center (Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; Maharashtra, India)
EIECEastern Idaho Engineering Council (Pocatello, ID)
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coli infection infections was high in first and second years, also all Enteroaggregative E.coli infections were detected under 2 years, while Enteroinvasive E. coli were high between 2-3 years also cause infection in first age group, in time all Enterotoxigenic E.coli infections were all above 1 year as shown in figure (1).
coli pathogen in a case with ADD, identified as an enteroinvasive E. coli. This emergent EIEC pathotype has a strong biofilm phenotype not previously reported among EIEC clinical isolates (our unpublished results).
An outbreak of enteritis associated with enteroinvasive E. coli in an Israeli military base.
Enteroinvasive E. coli (ETEC) strains produce dysentery similar to that caused by Shigella.
coli if a PCR result was a positive for genes coding heat-stable enterotoxin or heat-labile enterotoxin; as enteroinvasive E. coli if a PCR result was positive for the gene coding an invasion protein; as EAggEC if a PCR result was positive for the gene coding a transporter protein; and as diffusely adherent E.
coli, RH 4270 (ATCC 43895) for STEC, RH 6647 (145-46-215, Statens Serum Institute) for enteroinvasive E. coli, IH 56822 (patient isolate [14]) for enteroaggregative E.
coli; and 1 (2%) was enteroinvasive E. coli. Nine children (7%) were infected with > 1 pathogen, including 2 concurrently infected with EPEC and adenovirus or EPEC and rotavirus, and 1 each with EPEC and Giardia sp.; STEC and Campylobacter sp.; STEC and Giardia sp.; EAEC and Campylobacter sp., and EAEC and rotavirus.
coli, ETEC, enteroinvasive E. coli. ([dagger]) All diarrheogenic E.
coli, enteroinvasive E. coli, EPEC (eae and EAF probes), STEC (stx probes), and enteroaggregative E.