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EGDBEnterprise Geodatabase
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The SAP HANA service, a main component of SAP HANA Cloud Services, is now a supported enterprise geodatabase with Esris ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Pro, allowing businesses to benefit from full integration of enterprise and spatial data for greater insights, improved business decisions and quicker innovation.
Additionally, the SQL spatial database is arranged as the operational layer, already connected as an enterprise geodatabase.
Were very excited about the enterprise geodatabase support for SAP HANA, said Jack Dangermond, president, Esri.
* Enterprise Geodatabase. This geodatabase stores the county's GIS basemap data, including orthophotos, topographic contours, and many layers of planimetric data, as well as being the centralized data format for land record, transportation, utility, environmental, and administrative data.
The CAMA data will be periodically imported into the enterprise geodatabase and linked to the parcel data for quick retrieval.
(This data has not been fully built, but if implemented it will be stored in the enterprise geodatabase.)
North Carolina State University requires the services of private sector design firms to supplement its inhouse GIS capabilities for the planning and implementation of an Enterprise geodatabase server and associated applications.
* Utility data including conduit, water, wastewater, and storm water (in ArcSDE/Oracle enterprise geodatabases)
Features include: the ability to import asset details from shape files, personal geodatabases or enterprise geodatabases; import visual layers, including raster files; fill survey header fields by selecting an asset from displayed maps; automatically highlight surveyed pipes to get a visual of completed surveys in an area; numerous import and export options to enable the user to perform an endless variety of analysis and generate reports/lists; build a pipe flow layer to find the upstream manhole quickly; select groups of assets to create survey projects.
* Utility data including conduit, water, wastewater, and stormwater (in ArcSDE/Oracle enterprise geodatabases)
McHenry County GIS Department uses ESRI software to manage and deploy enterprise geodatabases
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