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ESRMEnvironmental Science and Resource Management (academic program)
ESRMEmpire State Railway Museum (Phoenicia, NY)
ESRMEnterprise Storage Resource Management (Softek)
ESRMEnterprise Security Risk Management
ESRMEuropean School Rhein-Main (Frankfurt, Germany)
ESRMElectric Supply Reconciliation Mechanism (Niagara Mohawk)
ESRMEducational Society for Resource Management
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For instance, Storability Software (a provider of Enterprise Storage Resource Management solutions) developed Global Storage Manager, a storage management solution for multi-vendor environments.
The enterprise storage resource management (SRM) segment will be the main driver of growth in the worldwide storage management market in 2003, as the segment is expected to grow 11.3 percent in 2003.
BrightStor ARCserve Backup is an integral component of CA's BrightStor Brand, which delivers a family of integrated, high-performance, mobile-to-mainframe storage solutions for data availability and enterprise storage resource management. The BrightStor portfolio offers unparalleled capabilities across every major operating environment from LAN to SAN network topologies, network protocol, and storage technology.
Enterprise Storage Resource Management expands on basic SRM and adds provisioning and automation tools to the mix.
Storage Network Management Working Group (SNMWG) was formed to focus on getting the industry to step up to and build standard interfaces which will provide information to do all of the Enterprise Storage Resource Management (ESRM) disciplines.
The following management disciplines are all part of Enterprise Storage Resource Management:
The Disk Resource Management group (DRMG) was created to focus on standard APIs for the high-end disk intelligent storage facilities to support the Enterprise Storage Resource Management (ESRM) disciplines such as:
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