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EWANEthernet Wide Area Network
EWANEmulator without a Good Name
EWANEnterprise Wide Area Network
EWANEnvironmental Weeds Action Network (Australia)
EWANEmulator Without A Name
EWANEGNOS Wide Area Communications Network (aviation)
EWANElectronic Warfare Aircraft Navigator
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The service is also additionally available with Virtual Network Services (VNS) which is a natural extension of data-center virtualisation that promises enterprise Wide Area Network customers fast, flexible provisioning as well as cost savings.
By adding Enterprise Manager, they gain an enterprise-wide view of distributed power-protection strategies, with a central view of multiple PowerVision servers across the enterprise wide area network, enabling an accurate assessment of power system health across multiple data centers.--Eaton
MPLS and VPLS will continue to co-exist in enterprise wide area network (WAN).
ENSURE QUALITY OF SERVICE STANDARDS meet service-level agreements for enterprise wide area network communications.
By installing PacketShaper bandwidth-management units on the access links connecting the company's remote distribution centers to the enterprise wide area network (WAN), Domino's now uses a PeopleSoft-based supply-chain application that processes orders for supplies and ingredients.
Most of the systems are connected through an enterprise wide area network. MBTA's business and financial applications run under the mainframe's CICS environment, while desktop applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets and file transfer capabilities, run over the LAN.
Enterprise wide area networks (WANs) are a mission-critical resource and must be tuned for optimum performance.
The iQ4000 IP Service Edge Switch is optimized for delivering advanced IP services in community Central Offices and Points of Presence, optical-Ethernet Metropolitan Area Networks, Multi-Tenant Units, and major enterprise Wide Area Networks. It joins the Quarry Technologies iQ product family alongside the higher capacity iQ8000(TM) IP Service Edge Switch and the iQSMS(TM) Service Management Suite.
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