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EIPAssociation mondiale pour l'Ecole Instrument de Paix (French: World Association for the School as an Instrument of Peace)
EIPExtensible Interface Platform
EIPEuropean Innovation Partnership
EIPEmerging Infections Program (CDC)
EIPElastic IP (Internet Protocol)
EIPEnterprise Information Portal (Sybase)
EIPEnfants Intellectuellement Précoces (French: Intellectually Precocious Children)
EIPEarly Intervention Programme (various locations)
EIPExecutive Incentive Plan (various businesses)
EIPEnterprise Intelligence Platform
EIPExtended Instruction Pointer
EIPExecution Interface Program
EIPEthernet Interface Processor
EIPExtra Information Picture
EIPElectronic Invoice Presentment
EIPEnterprise Information Portal
EIPEducational Incentive Program (New York State funded scholarship program for child day care workers.)
EIPEnterprise Integration Pattern
EIPExtended Internet Protocol
EIPEnvironmental Improvement Program (various organizations)
EIPEcole Instrument de Paix (French)
EIPEnvironmental Integrity Project
EIPEthnic Integration Policy (Singapore)
EIPEngineering Internship Program (various schools)
EIPAssociation Mondiale pour l'École Instrument de Paix
EIPEmployee Involvement and Participation
EIPEntreprise Innovante des Pôles (French: Innovative Business Cluster)
EIPEmployee Incentive Plans (Austin, TX)
EIPEducation Improvement Plan (various locations)
EIPEntité d'Intérêt Public (French: Public Interest Entity)
EIPEnquiry in Public (UK)
EIPEducation Improvement Partnership (UK)
EIPEarly Intervention Project
EIPEnvironmental Improvement Plan
EIPEgypt Information Portal (est. 2003; Cairo, Egypt)
EIPElectronic Information Product
EIPEnterprise Intelligence Platform (software)
EIPEconomic Incentive Program
EIPExtensor Indicis Proprius
EIPEthernet Interface Processor (Cisco)
EIPÉcole Implant Paro de Paris (French dental school)
EIPEssential Information Protection (Websense, Inc.)
EIPEngineered Industrial Products (Cerritos, CA)
EIPEnterprise Infrastructure Partners (Massachusetts)
EIPEthylene Interpolymer
EIPExperiment Implementation Plan
EIPElectronic Invoicing and Payment
EIPEngineered Infection Prevention
EIPExtra Improved Plow Steel (wire rope)
EIPEmergency Information Panel
EIPEnterprise Integration Portal
EIPEagleton Institute of Politics (New Brunswick, NJ)
EIPEurocopter International Pacific
EIPEngineering Installation Plan
EIPEmployee Involvement Program
EIPEngineering Installation Package
EIPEmployer Incentive Program (West Virginia)
EIPEnhanced Instruction Pointer
EIPELINT Improvement Program
EIPExtensor Indicis Propius
EIPEquipment Inoperative for Parts
EIPElement Integration Panel
EIPEducational Internship Performance
EIPEconomic Inventory Procedures
EIPEngineering Implementation Plan
EIPEnterprise Information Processing
EIPEmitter Identification Program
EIPEvil Internet People
EIPElectronic Installation Plan
EIPEngineering Information Program (CRSI)
EIPEvolutionary Implementation Plan
EIPExecutive Interface Program
EIPExcess Inventory Program
EIPExchange Information with the Public
EIPEngineering and Installation Package
EIPEmployee Interaction Platform
EIPEquipment Interface Panel
EIPEquipment Installation Phase
EIPEnvironmental Integrity Program
EIPEntry Interface Point (space travel)
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As part of an enterprise information portal, individual users can set up personalized views of compliance-related information from various enterprise information systems used regularly to support decision-making.
Citrix NFuse will provide Net.Portal's users with the ability to remotely launch and access centrally managed applications via an enterprise information portal.
Based on Felspar's TeamViews enterprise information portal, version 2.5 has been enhanced with new tools to coordinate and simplify team management and streamline key business processes.
IBM's DB2 OLAP Server - combined with ShowCase's STRATEGY product suite and its Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) offerings, including the recently launched ShowCase Xpedio Web Content Management solution - allows users to make better business decisions through personalized, Web-based access to key information, without regard to its source.
Last month, we took a look at the Hummingbird Enterprise Information Portal as an example of one of the more complete offerings in this emerging market, but as a VAR or integrator, knowing about the products that vendors are offering is only half of the profit equation and the lesser half at that.
The cornerstone of the new strategy is a focus around and enterprise information portal (EIP) product scheduled for launch in January 2000.
Worldwide Computer Products News-10 August 2000-DataChannel launches new version of enterprise information portal system (C)1995-2000 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
The goal of an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) is deceptively simple: pull together all the information users need to do their jobs--no matter where it resides in the organization--and present it to them in a consistent manner through their desktop browser.
The enterprise information portal - or corporate portal, if you prefer - is shaping up as 1999's hot market, much as web application servers were all the rage in 1997.
The enterprise information portal market over the past several years, and according to Gartner Group it is no longer a viable market segment that can support a sustainable business model.
In developing the package of solutions, LexisNexis has allied with leading portal providers, offering portal components for the Hummingbird EIP (Enterprise Information Portal), Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, Plumtree Corporate Portal, and Verity PortalOne.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-25 June 2001-Mediapps and Netegrity team to deliver enhanced enterprise information portal offerings (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
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