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ENIÉcole Nationale des Impôts (French: National Tax School)
ENIEuropean Neighbourhood Instrument (EU)
ENIExtreme Networks, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA)
ENIEnte Nazionale Idrocarburi (Italy)
ENIEfficient Networks Interface
ENIEnable Interrupt
ENIEntire Net Income (finance)
ENIEnding Net Investment (finance)
ENIEcole Nationale d'Ingénieurs (French: National Engineer School)
ENIÉcole Normale d'Instituteurs (French: Normal School of Teachers; various locations)
ENIElectrical North Incorporated (Fort Wayne, IN)
ENIEmployee Network Inc.
ENIElectronic Navigation Industries
ENIEnteroviral-Nutritional Interaction (etiology of beta-islet cell damage in diabetes)
ENIEntertainment Network, Incorporated
ENIEmbedded Networking Interface
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Under the reform law, the entire net income (ENI) base will be changed to the business income tax base, which will result in the following major changes:
The investor is free to donate the entire net income on the investments to the DAC.
Per the provisions of her trust document, the trustee, T2, is required to pay G2 the trust's entire net income during her lifetime.
We also support temporarily removing the limitation on business credits carried to taxable years ending in 2008 and 2009, thereby permitting such credits to offset the entire net income tax liability.
Lavedna and her son were the trustees of that trust, which provided for the entire net income to be distributed to Lavedna.
Under Article 9-A of the Tax Law, New York imposes a franchise tax on corporations equal to the highest of four bases: allocated entire net income (ENI), allocated capital, allocated minimum taxable income, or a fixed-dollar minimum tax.
Thus, while the entire net income of a corporation generated by interstate as well as intrastate activities may be fairly apportioned among the States for tax purposes by formulas utilizing in-state aspects of interstate affairs, Northwestern States Portland Cement Co.
The legislation added language to the definition of entire net income, (15) which requires an addback of the Sec.
To prevent corporations from lowering their taxable income by disguising dividends as salaries, New York City's GCT uses an entire net income (ENI)-plus-compensation alternative tax base.
The amended statute allows a deduction for so much of the NOL carryover as reduces entire net income otherwise calculated by 50%.
In Georgia, "[w]hen any method which distorts net income among and between affiliates is used, the Commissioner will require the consolidation of income of all such affiliates and then proceed to compute the entire net income.