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E2SEntitled to Succeed (Department of Education program; UK)
E2SEnd-to-end Security
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Eventually he will also be entitled to succeed Harry as the Duke of Sussex.
Accordingly it was necessary to consider the situation afresh and Mr Thakrar's claim in respect of them was entitled to succeed. He recovered the sum of 224.97 [pounds sterling] under this head.
A spokeswoman for Birmingham City Council said: "I confirm that Mr Miller was entitled to succeed to the tenancy following his mother's death.
A judge in the Circuit Civil Court decided that while Aine Colgan-Currie, 37, had been cleared she was not entitled to succeed in a claim for defamation.
A spokesman for West Lothian council said tonight: "The council denies that Mr Mc-Creight was entitled to succeed to the tenancy, as this would be a profit of his crime.
He also said he had no difficulty in concluding that she was entitled to succeed on the issues of liability.
IRC section 1398(g)(1) states: "The estate shall succeed to and take into account the net operating loss carryovers and other items determined as of the first day of the debtor's taxable year in which the case commences." On that basis, Williams took the position that if the bankruptcy's taxable year started on December 3, 1990, the estate should not be entitled to succeed to any loss carryovers generated during the year in which the petitioner filed for bankruptcy, because there was not any net operating loss carryover as of January 1, 1990.
If the Minister is unable to show evidence proving the assumptions made, then the taxpayer is entitled to succeed.
Liossatos el al, following the death of the rent controlled prime tenant, the decedent's nephew came forward, asserting that he was in occupancy of the apartment and was entitled to succeed to the rent controlled tenancy.
These special people are our future and are entitled to succeed. It is my job to now help her reach the success she strives for - LIFE.
There was no appearance on behalf of Heatons yesterday and Judge Matthew Deery said Mr Myers was entitled to succeed in his claim in absence of any response by the company.