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EIDEmerging Infectious Diseases (journal)
EIDElectronic Identification
EIDEarly Identification (various organizations)
EIDEntry Id
EIDElement Id
EIDExternal Include Directive
EIDEndpoint Id
EIDEvent Id
EIDEnterprise Id
EIDEndpoint Identifier
EIDEducation and Information Division
EIDEnforcement Integrated Database
EIDEmployee Identification
EIDEcological Interface Design
EIDElectronic Infusion Device
EIDExperiment Interface Document (astronomy)
EIDEarned Income Disregard
EIDEnterprise Identifier
EIDElectrically Initiated Device (US DoD)
EIDEvent Identifier
EIDEmpresa de Investigação E Desenvolvimento de Electrónica (Portugal)
EIDEquipment Identifier
EIDEngineering Information Delivery (Boeing Company)
EIDEmbryo Infectious Dose
EIDEgg Infective Dose (testing viruses in embryonated fertilized chicken eggs)
EIDEntity Identification
EIDEnvironmental Improvement Division
EIDElectron Induced Dissociation (mass spectrometry)
EIDEuropean Industrial Doctoral (degree)
EIDEnvironmental Information Documents
EIDElite Infantry Division (gaming)
EIDElectron Impact Desorption
EIDEradication Instincts Defined
EIDEmitter Identification Data
EIDExpenditure Item Date
EIDEuropean Institute for the Furthering of Democracy
EIDEngineering & Installation Division
EIDError Insertion Device
EIDEd Is Dead (Pixies song)
EIDExtremidad Inferior Derecha (Spanish: Right Leg)
EIDEmployment Information Data
EIDEstimated Issue Date
EIDElectronic Instrumentation Division
EIDEarliest Induction Date
EIDEmotional Intelligence Diversity
EIDEmergency Isolation Device
EIDEnterprise Information Database (facilities management)
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[25] reported the challenges of named entity identification in Tamil and presented a system which overcame some of those issues.
The main focus of this track is nested entity identification. The participants have used CRF and SVM for system development [29].
(1) Majority Approach with Entity Identification. This approach will classify the sentence according to the dominating sentiment of the phrases contained in the database.
(2) Majority Approach without Entity Identification. Another variation of the previous approach suggests overlooking the entity identification in the sentence.
Under development is ISO/CD 16372-1 on international business entity identification for financial identification.
The building here is equipped with analytical as well as developmental labs, allowing Pliva to take a drug from its chemical entity identification through development, testing and production.
The certification process requires that products meet all Version 1.0 criteria, plus additional requirements for hashing, entity identification, ESP Null (that is authenticated but not encrypted) mode and more advanced testing of lifetimes, packet fragmentation handling, replay protection, padding and perfect forward secrecy (PFS).
The entity identification phase determines form fields that represent entities.
GSA released two Requests for Information (RFIs) to gather feedback from industry and other stakeholder organizations regarding the future structure of entity identification and validation services.
50/2016, issued with determination of No .___ __ / __ / 2017, divided into two separate batches and independent, for the entity identification / the actuator / s of the project SPRAR category Ordinary and category UAMS Minori foreigners Unaccompanied.
Intrusion Inc (OTCBB:INTZ), a provider of entity identification systems and other products, said today that it has received orders worth a total of USD2.225m for TraceCop projects.
During the last eight years as SVP, Lamar focused on reporting for primary dealers, the foreign exchange (FX) and derivatives markets, as well as legal entity identification. Most recently, he provided insight on data management related to several areas crucial to AxiomSLs core product offerings, including banks financial risk stability and capital adequacy, data lineage and governance, data reporting, clearing and payment, and counterparty credit exposure.