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EUEuropean Union
EUEuropean Union (top level domain)
EUEnd User
EUEnergy Usage
EUExpanded Universe (series of novels and comic books)
EUEtats-Unis (French: United States)
EUEmory University (Atlanta, Georgia)
EUEstados Unidos (Spanish: United States)
EUEuropese Unie (Dutch: European Union)
EUEuropäische Union (German: European Union)
EUEnriched Uranium
EUEvropská Unie (Czech: Europian Union)
EUEastern University (St Davids, Pennsylvania)
EUEmergency Unit (Hong Kong)
EUElon University (North Carolina)
EUEuroopan Unioni (Finnish: European Union)
EUEngineering Unit
EUEdinburgh University (UK)
EUElite Unit
EUEntropia Universe (website)
EUEvangel University
EUExperimental Unit
EUElectrical Utilities
EUErholungsurlaub (German)
EUEcko Unlimited
EUEnergy Utilization
EUEquivalent Units
EUEge University
EUExelon Utilities (various locations)
EUExecution Unit (computer engineering)
EUExternal Unit
EUEigenhändige Unterschrift (German: Personal Signature)
EUElectronics Unit
EUEdit, Undo
EUExtended Universe
EUEndotoxin Unit
EUElectronic Underground (gaming site)
EUEvangelical Union
EUEmisoras Unidas (de Guatemala; radio station)
EUExplosives Unit (US FBI Bomb Data Center)
EUEvents Unlimited (UK)
EUExpander Unit
EUEhrlich Unit (urobilinogen measurement)
EUEcuatoriana de Aviacion, SA (airline code)
EUEmmissions Unit (environmental operating permits)
EUEustice Australian Air Mail Catalog (philately)
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It offers unique content for new players and Entropia Universe veterans alike, including new creatures and items, plus dozens of quests and activities.
He was responsible for some of the graphic design of the science fiction massively multiplayer online Entropia Universe and has served as the art director in First Planet Company, a subsidiary of the universe's creator MindArk, which develops and markets Planet Calypso, a MMORPG based on the Entropia platform and a part of the Entropia Universe.
In 2007, a man broke the <em>Guinness </em><em>Book of </em><em>World </em><em>Records&nbsp;</em> for buying the "The Most Expensive Virtual Object." He paid $100,000 for an asteroid space resort in the game Entropia Universe, another massively-multiplayer online game.
Ericsson is providing its existing voice technology based on IMS in a cloud service, called Ericsson In-Game Communication (EIGC), which is being integrated into the Entropia Universe platform.
The new Universal Monsters virtual world will be the second themed planet published by SEE Virtual Worlds in the Entropia Universe, a vast dynamic 3D environment created and provided to end users by MindArk PE AB.
Jordanian game developer Beladcom recently signed a mutual cooperation agreement with the renowned Swedish software company MindArk to create an online virtual world in Entropia Universe.
"If I had half a million pounds to launder I could go to Entropia Universe (a virtual world run by a Scandinavian firm), I could falsely set up hundreds of avatars with false documentation and purchase virtual land and property, sell them on, then cash the money back out so it appears legitimate in the real world."
Popular examples include World of Warcraft, Second Life, Entropia Universe, and Ultima Online.
If the accessibility of information to humans operating in the real world is a complex phenomenon, then what about the accessibility of information in virtual worlds, such as Second Life, Teen Second Life, Active Worlds, Entropia Universe, and dozens of others?
I would highly recommend investigating and exploring Second Life as well as the other virtual worlds and environments (Entropia Universe, The Sims Online, There, Weblo, Forterra, Protosphere, Open Croquet, and Google Earth/Maps) if for no other purpose than to see what is on the horizon for online learning and immersive-collaborative environments.
Entropia Universe offers its players a debit card that can be used at real-world ATMS to withdraw up to $3,000 a month from their supply of virtual cash.
Entertainment company SEE Virtual Worlds and Swedish software company MindArk announced on Thursday that SEE Virtual Worlds has procured the rights to Planet Calypso, the first planet in the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Entropia Universe.