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NXNexus (Everquest gaming)
NXNo Execute (Microsoft)
NXNew X (X terminal server system by NoMachine)
NXAir Macau (airline code)
NXNorthern Exposure (TV show)
NXEntry/Exit (railroads)
NXNo Excuses (Internet slang)
NXNavy Exchange
NXeNtrance - eXit (railroad engineering)
NXPump It Up: New Xenesis (video game)
NXNoranda, Quebec (Ontario Northland railway code)
NXNitrous Express, Inc. (Wichita Falls, TX)
NXNaval Experiment (Star Trek; compare with NCC)
NXNX Clusive (Spanish: México Northamerica; TV show)
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Living in JVC for four years, Jen pointed out that while there has been a start on the development of landscaping in the community over the past year or so, the request of building an additional entry/exit point to Hessa Street has not yet been addressed.
Nouakchott Road will be widened from a single-carriageway to a dual carriageway of two lanes in each direction, besides providing two additional entry/exit points for the International City to keep abreast of the property development projects in the neighbourhood of the International City, besides carrying out traffic improvements on a number of internal intersections in the International City.
The IBMS system needs to be deployed on 26 entry/exit points across the country including all international airports, land routes, railway stations and seaports.
Tom Dalpini have led two JSCs: the Vehicle, Vessels and Aircraft Movement JSC and the Entry/Exit JSC, respectively.
It includes toolpath strategies optimized for high-speed and hard material machining; 3D rest or material-only machining; support for tapered tool shapes; multi-surface flowline machining; improved toolpath quality with smooth corners, stepovers, and arc fitting; improved use of boundaries and precise control of machining area; enhanced entry/exit control with blends and optimized clearance moves; direct machining of imported STL files; automatic core/cavity detection for inside-out or outside-in milling; operation splitting for tool wear and for optimal length out of holder; multi-threaded for multi-CPU machines and to support batch toolpath generation; and automatic filleting of a surface to avoid sharp concave corners.
Advanced 3D offers improved toolpath quality, new types of finishing processes, greater dexterity on boundaries and enhanced entry/exit control.
Kaba introduces the E-Plex 5086 Entry/Exit Series to its E-Plex brand of electronic access control.
There is a swing door mechanism for ease of use, greater visibility for traffic upon entry/exit and safer for hands and fingers.
The heater has also been relocated to the left side of the ROPS enclosure, making entry/exit to the machine easier.
The new system, based on NEC Infrontia's proprietary entry/exit control system SecureFrontia, is now operational at a new data center of I-TEC Solutions.
One supports the patients, and the upper shell has ports for multiple manipulation gloves and two airtight entry/exit systems.
It also links to a network controlling up to 64 doors (or a total of 128 entry/exit readers).