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ÉLÉÉveil à la Lecture et à l'Écriture (French: Emergent Reading and Writing; Canada)
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"We are looking to hire around 500 entry level employees for across-the-board management [including] management training, sales and marketing, food and beverage, engineering and IT," he said.
Howard said the total number today is less than 1,400, but noted the company loses a lot of workers, particularly entry level employees, through attrition.
This factor has had no small impact on earned income here, and yet Anchorage entry level employees are reasonably ahead of the same jobs in the Lower 48.
Hiring entry level employees as they leave public assistance is "the right thing to do," according to Art Corrales, National Manager of Xerox Business Services Welfare-to-Work Program.
After an intensive training period, entry level employees at Hartford know a minimum of two jobs when they begin, and are expected to quickly learn more.
The picture in Jordan is the reverse with the majority of pay rises being awarded to more junior and entry level employees.
"Not only is this true of entry level employees, but also of managers and senior managers.