EnviroTRADEEnvironmental Technologies for Remedial Action Data Exchange
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This is where specialised companies like Envirotrade come into their own.
With a grant from the European Union and his own resources, Birley established Envirotrade six years ago and involved the University of Edinburgh in research, which is ongoing and producing a treasure chest of data.
Envirotrade has been helping the communities rebuild their shattered lives by introducing new and sustainable farming practices, establishing markets for their products and building schools and a dispensary.
The auction timeline is posted on the PJM EnviroTrade website under Sage Auction Information.
Registration is available on the PJM EnviroTrade website, www.
PJM EnviroTrade , whose ultimate parent company is PJM Interconnection, facilitates environmental transactions.
These villages are earning their new lives with their own sweat and in partnership with organisations such as Envirotrade.
On its part, Envirotrade supplies free saplings to the farmers and a management team which provides on-site advice and technical support.
Over time, as the project matures, up to one-third of carbon credit sales revenues will be retained by Envirotrade to make its own business sustainable, but that is a way off in the future.
Expanding renewable energy requirements and evolving needs of customers in our region make this the right time to offer a service alternative in the renewable energy area," said Adrien Ford, president of PJM EnviroTrade.
PJM EnviroTrade partners with renewable tracking systems to provide seamless integration for sellers in the Sage auction.