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"The attack on our site came from a Malaysian government entity as identified by their IP address," Sunny Lewis, editor-in-chief of Environment News Service (ENS), said in an email statement, adding the attack shut down its servers for two hours.
As of 2003, two discrete endangered populations of the Caucasus leopard are known to still inhabit Georgia's Lesser Caucasus Mountains, and also the Talysh Mountains in the south bordering Azerbaijan (Tolordava 2003; Environment News Service 2003).
According to Environment News Service, the current rate of loss is about 25 square miles or 16,000 acres of wetlands a year.
Zhang Qingyang, China's ambassador to Malawi, "added that China has put into force a number of laws and regulations and consistently educated its people to comply with international regulations and local laws and to resist illegal trade in wildlife and its products," reports Charles Mkoka for Environment News Service. The ambassador also delivered $1 million to help a wildlife trust with its conservation campaign.
An October 7, 2004 Environment News Service (ENS) article reported that a federal appeals court ruled that the U.S.
Satellite data has reportedly also shown that Keiko is regularly diving to depths of 40-60 metres, which is typical for foraging dives, reported the Environment News Service.
Environment News Service. (http://ens.lycos.com/ens/may99/1999L-05-19-01.html)
"As part of the hydrogen power and renewable energy initiative we will strive to provide electricity to every village in Vanuatu," the government announced in its October 5, 2000, issue of Environment News Service.
According to the Environment News Service, for instance, about 706 million gallons of it end up in the ocean every year, "from used engine oil being poured down the drain, runoff from city streets, air pollution particles and offshore oil drilling." Thirty-seven million gallons spill from oil tankers alone, and 15 million more from oil drilling rigs.
"Peaceful protesters in Seattle and voices from around the world have called for the WTO to include environmental protection, transparency, democracy, and participation," Greenpeace International's Remi Parmentier told Environment News Service. "From here on, it will be simply impossible for the WTO to ignore their concerns.
In addition, Knight-Ridder's PressLink started delivering the Environment News Service and the Inter Press Service Third World news service expanded its environmental coverage (E&P, September 7).
An Environment News Service article states UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer says, "Athens 2004 has made environmental commitments in areas such as recycling, public awareness, and developing green spaces.
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