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EODExplosive Ordnance Disposal
EODEnd Of Day
EODEnd of Development (software)
EODEarly Onset Dementia
EODEnd Of Data
EODEditing on Disk
EODEverything on Demand
EODEnterprise on Demand
EODEnd of Document
EODEve of Destruction (computer game)
EODEntertainment on Demand (cable TV feature)
EODEvent of Default
EODEnd Of Discussion
EODEvery Other Day
EODEmpire of Dirt (gaming)
EODElectric Organ Discharge
EODEuropean Opera Days
EODExtent of Disease
EODEntry On Duty
EODExplosive Ordnance Detachment
EODExpression of Dissatisfaction (UK)
EODEngineer on a Disk
EODEntrance on Duty
EODExplosive Ordnance Demolition
EODExplosive Ordnance Device (less common)
EODEqual Opportunity Division
EODExtent of Damage (insurance)
EODEverything-On-Demand (services)
EODExplosive Ordnance Detection
EODEnter On Duty
EODEmployee and Organizational Development (human resources)
EODEnglish Opens Doors (Chile)
EODElite Operations Division (game)
EODEnd of Discharge
EODEmperors of Darkside (forum)
EODEnd of Dialing
EODEsoteric Order of Dagon (Cthulhu Mythos)
EODEnd of Diatribe
EODEcologic Oriented Development (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
EODElectro Optic Director (weapons)
EODEnd-Organ Damage
EODErasable Optical Disc
EODEnvyus or Die (gaming)
EODEngineering Operations Division
EODEstablished Onset of Disability
EODEnergy on Detector
EODEngine Object Damage
EODEquivalent Other Duty
EODEntering Office Date
EODEnterprise Operations Directorate
EODExceed on Demand (client)
EODExplosive Ordnance Depot/Disposal
EODDate of Entering Officer (US Navy)
EODEveryone's Divorced
EODEmergency Order of Detention (psychiatry directive)
EODEmployee on Duty
EODEnvironment of Deposition
EODEthernet Over DOCSIS
EODÉquipe de Déminage (French: Demining Team; NATO)
EODExaminations On Demand
EODEmail of Death (Graduate Entry Medicine notice; Australia)
EODElectro-Optical Disk
EODExport on Demand System (trade)
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Sedimentological evidence for the environment of deposition of the Axel Heiberg locality indicates that it was deposited in a lagoon or bay, but the evidence is equivocal as to the salinity of the water during deposition.
The environment of deposition interpreted on the basis of microfacies for the Kawagarh Formation is proximal to distal outer ramp setting.
These microfacies indicate lagoonal, restricted to open marine inner ramp and lagoonal, restricted to open marine platform interior environment of deposition for carbonates of the Patala Formation.
On the basis of fossil assemblages and textural relationships, the environment of deposition is interpreted to occur dominantly in the middle to outer ramp and less dominant towards inner ramp settings of the carbonate platform.
Due to rare sedimentary structures, diagenetic alterations and absence of mechanical grains, only reliable criteria have been used to interpret environment of deposition is paleoecology of fauna (Flugel, 2004).
The Samana Suk Formation at the Harnoi section represents inner to mid- ramp environment of deposition.
The environment of deposition as depicted from the microfacies is beach, bars and shoal for Grainstone Microfacies, restricted lagoon for Mudstone Microfacies and inner to middle shelf for Bioclastic Wackstone Microfacies.
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