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EVElectric Vehicle
EVExtended Validation
EVElectro Voice
EVElectron Volt
EVEnterprise Value
EVExposure Value (photography)
EVEarned Value
EVEvanescence (band)
EVExpected Value
EVEscape Velocity
EVEvansville (Indiana)
EVEvanston (Illinois)
EVEn Vogue (female singing group)
EVEnvironment Variable (computing)
EVEscape Velocity (computer game)
EVEmbedded Value
EVElectoral Votes
EVEagleview (various organizations)
EVEvent Horizon (movie)
EVEnter Vehicle (police incident code)
EVEn Ville (French: In Town)
EVEingetragener Verein (German: Registered Association)
EVEaux Vannes (French: Water Valves)
EVEvent Point (transportation)
EVEudraVigilance (data processing network; European Medicines Agency)
EVEbola virus
EVExtreme Value
EVEscort Vessel
EVExhaust Valve
EVEffort Values (gaming)
EVEesti Vabariik (Estonian Republic)
EVEpidermodysplasia Verruciformis
EVExternal Verification
EVExperimental Version
EVEntry Vehicle
EVEczema Vaccinatum (reaction to Smallpox vaccination)
EVEngineer Vehicle
EVEnchiridion Vaticanum (Vatican reference book)
EVEndogenous Virus
EVEnvironmental Volunteers
EVEstimated Variance
EVExtra Variable
EVExtreme Voice (Ultravox fanzine)
EVExposed Variable (plumbing)
EVEvaporator Vessel
EVEnforcement Vector
EVElectronics Volts
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The results from this study contribute to the number of literatures on the reliability of the work environment variable of EWB among ATCs, in Malaysia.
Model 1 included the objectively measured neighborhood environment variables. Model 2 included comparable perceived neighborhood environment variables.
On Windows, you can modify your environment variables by opening the Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables.
First, if H1 proves true, then the Collaborative NPD Environment variable is anticipated to have a positive indirect effect on the Supplier Involvement variable via the Manufacturing Involvement variable.
The environment variable $CVSFDITOR determines which editor Is started.
Three scales constituted the Comfort in the University Environment variable set: .the University Environment Scale (Gloria & Robinson Kurpius, 1996), the Cultural Congruity Scale (Gloria & Robinson Kurpius, 1996), and the College Environmental Stress Index-Modified (Munoz, 1986).
When viewed as an environment variable, however, values take on added relevance in a cross-cultural context beyond their significance as an individual differences variable (Leong, 1997).
Dependent variables and the neighborhood racial environment variable were one-item scales.
When the HTTP request is made from the client browser to the server, an environment variable called "REMOTE_HOST" is sent to the server.
The present study aims to expand population ecology research to include legal changes as another institutional environment variable that may affect organizational founding rates.
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