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ESIAEnvironmental and Social Impact Assessment
ESIAElliott School of International Affairs (George Washington University)
ESIAEuropean Semiconductor Industry Association (EU)
ESIAEducational Synopses in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine (journal)
ESIAEmployment Support and Income Assistance (Canada)
ESIAEnvironmental and Social Impact Analysis
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Authors Momtaz (University of Newcastle, Australia) and Kabir (CQUniversity, Australia) present an original, integrated framework for evaluating environmental and social impact assessments and demonstrate the framework's use with empirical evidence from a full-length case study of Bangladesh.
The results of the environmental and social impact assessment were also publicised at the signing ceremony, the company said.
The assessment is described as an environmental and social impact assessment throughout these sections, and Schedule 3 of each section, which describes the contents of the impact statement, includes the specification of social impacts.
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