EoMPLSEthernet over Multi Protocol Label Switching
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Some network operators no longer offer EoSDH or, alternatively, systematically push EoMPLS rather than EoSDH.
EoMPLS includes VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Services), which uses the label path feature of MPLS network to realise Layer 2 Ethernet switching, without SP Routing, and thus to offer Ethernet VPN.
We have installed Cisco's EoMPLS functionality in our test network and have evaluated its functionality," said Steve Baker, Chief Technology Officer of 360networks.
The EoMPLS functionality developed by Cisco is fully compliant with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Martini draft RFC.
The network demonstration environment provided by iLabs for testing Cisco's EoMPLS features is a great opportunity for service providers to observe this new functionality in action," said Seenu Banda, senior director of Product Marketing in the Internet Systems Business Unit at Cisco.