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EONIAEuro Overnight Index Average
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Since the Governing Council's June meeting the EONIA forward curve had shifted down further and now exhibited an even more pronounced inversion at the short end.
"The EONIA Spread Before and During the Crisis of 2007-2009: The Role of Liquidity and Credit Risk." Journal of Internationa!
(2011), empleando la metodologia ya descrita mas arriba, llegan a la conclusion de que el CBPP no afecto ni a las primas de liquidez, ni al diferencial EURIBOR-OIS, ni al volumen de operaciones al tipo EONIA, aunque si tuvo un efecto positivo a corto plazo sobre el mercado repo a un dia.
Those decreases led to the decrease of the overnight interest rate (EONIA).
In our calculations, the funding cost was a difference between 3-months' Euro Libor rate and EONIA. The data from the end of the month was applied.
"The reason (for high Eonia rate) is simply because it was month end yesterday," said one London-based money market trader who requested anonymity.
Beirne (2012) analyzes spreads between the Euro Overnight Index Average (EONIA) and the minimum bid rate in open market operations of the ECB.
They also suggest the possibility of using the Eonia rate, calculated by the European Central Bank, which corresponds to the average of all unsecured overnight lending by banks in the EU.
One-year Eonia rates hit a 3-1/2 month low on Friday, showing greater market conviction of ECB easing in the future.
The forward rate which shows where one-year Eonia rates are seen in a year's time, has fallen to levels last seen in July when the ECB launched its forward guidance.