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EORLEmergency Officers' Retired List
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Huddersfield |prop Eorl Crabtree can't wait for the Magic Weekend
It's a family name and I was nearly Christened Shirley but lucky enough to get away with Eorl.
This led me to asking our major partners if they would do the training for us rather than sending Eorl off to University on a business course, which would be a big task, hours and commitment wise.
For more information on Eorl Crabtree's testimonial campaign visit www.
We were so excited that Eorl Crabtree agreed to come along and unveil our mural - it's the icing on the cake.
Eorl, 34, said: "The NSPCC are carrying out fantastic work to keep our children safe.
FLAB founder Richard Bye will join Eorl and his fellow Giants heavyweights providing mechanical assistance and a support vehicle.
And just because I'm looking to bring in a forward, that doesn't automatically mean the end here for players like Eorl and Craig.
FAMILY TIES Grandad Shirley in the 1931 Halifax team and uncle Big Daddy with Giant Haystacks CALL DON'T ME SHIRLEY Eorl may have long hair but he doesn't share the family name Shirley
Then it's going to be a tough call on who to leave out, especially with Eorl eager to get back out there after the birth of his son.
EORL CRABTREE, nephew of wrestling legend Big Daddy, will throw his weight around against France later this month.
Pack pairing Eorl Crabtree and Larne Patrick missed the Wolves clash, through injury and illness respectively, but are set to be available for the trip to the DW Stadium on Thursday.