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E+CEphedrine and Caffeine (aka E/C)
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"Ephedrine and caffeine combined make for a strong stimulant, which gives an energy boost, ideal for someone working out.
In addition to ephedrine and caffeine, these natural drinks also contain other substances such as ginseng that can lead to dehydration, kidney diseases, high blood pressure and disorder in the heart pulse.
Thermogenic, metabolic, and cardiovascular responses to ephedrine and caffeine in man.
"The combination of ephedrine and caffeine, which was in a lot of over-the-counter weight loss products, was banned in 1983," Dr.
"We are very pleased to provide a weight loss alternative to ephedrine and caffeine products with no untoward side effects for those who want to remain free of these stimulants."
In February 1996, Anna*, 30, started taking a weight-loss supplement containing the stimulants ephedrine and caffeine. Within a week, she started hearing voices and behaving strangely.
Combinations of ephedrine and caffeine have been documented to have side effects substantially greater than those from the consumption of either compound alone or of a placebo (5-8).
Caffeine alone does not increase heat production, but ephedrine and caffeine together do, Vallerand says.
Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York, is also cited as the best documentation of the safety of ephedrine and caffeine. But it is not reasonable to extrapolate safety from a study in which a total of 83 people received the active agents.