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EHKEpidermolytic Hyperkeratosis
EHKEuskal Herriko Komunistak
EHKEnergasindo Heksa Karya (Indonesian company)
EHKÉtablissement Hatem Krichen (Tunisian subcontracting company)
EHKElternverein für Hochbegabte Kinder (German: Parent Association for Gifted Children; Switzerland)
EHKEpson Hong Kong Limited (est. 1980)
EHKEmergency Health Kits (UN World Health Organization)
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Incidental cutaneous reaction patterns: epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, acantholytic dyskeratosis, and hailey-hailey-like acantholysis: a potential marker of premalignant skin change.
Genetic testing showed that Rhiannon, now nine years old, had developed epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, a type of ichthyosis, despite neither parent carrying the gene.
On biopsy, epidermolytic hyperkeratosis is diagnostic for this phenotype.
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