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EPONAEquine Protection of North America (Epping, NH)
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Epona beyond the stable: overlaps with Isiac aspects
These are only some of the reasons that Epona Ridge Retreat Center and Day Spa is decidedly different.
Se documenta en Celtiberia el culto a algunos dioses del panteon celta, como Lug y Epona.
Epona, the Goddess, has never directly spoken to Elphame.
Macha may have been the Irish equivalent of Epona, the premier European horse goddess, often regarded as the bestower of sovereignty.
03 (450m): Ambervale Fox, Vigorous Martha, Autumn Epona, Havana Blackbird (M), Mulcair Hazel (M), Daras Confirmed (M).
58 (450m): Ambervale Fox, Kilbarry Lucky, Autumn Epona, Scotts Topper (M), Threejays Katie (M), Aughall Eske (M).
This time, we've brought back Link's horse, Epona, and his bow and arrow, but what we've decided is really fun is being able to freely walk around in this world and choose what you want to do and how you want to explore.
50 Dundalk Rhiannon is a prominent figure in Welsh mythology, mother to the Demetian hero Pryderi, wife to Pwyll and associated with the horse goddess Epona.
3--Lucius has just transformed into an ass when he espies an antidotal garland of roses decorating a shrine of the horse goddess Epona within the stable:
The land of Hyrule can be crossed either on foot or on the back of Links's trusty steed, Epona.