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ELOElectric Light Orchestra (band)
ELOEarly Learning Opportunities (Florida)
ELOEpitaxial Lateral Overgrowth
ELOExtended Learning Opportunity
ELOEnabling Learning Objective
ELOEast Lothian Orienteers (orienteering club; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
ELOEssential Learning Outcomes
ELOEpoxidized Linseed Oil
ELOEnvironmental Liaison Officer
ELOEmisora Libre de Orcasitas (Madrid, Spain radio station)
ELOExtra Large Orifice (fire sprinklers)
ELOEric Loizeau Organisations (French event company)
ELOExtremely Low Observable
ELOEnemy Lock On! (military flight simulation magazine)
ELOEmerging Leaders Ocala (Florida, USA)
ELOEdge Localized Orbital
ELOEngineering Liaison Office
ELOEstablishment Liaison Officer
ELOEngineering Logistics Office
ELOElectric Start-Long Shaft-Oil Injected (boat motors)
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NOMENCLATURE Abbreviations and Symbols IMI 1-Methyl imidazole A Crack length in the fracture specimen (cm) AFM Atomic force microscopy B Fracture specimen width (cm) DGEBA Diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A DGEBF Diglycidyl ether of bisphenol F DN-4PB Double-notch four-point-bending E' Storage modulus (GPa) EEW Epoxide equivalent weight ECO Epoxidized castor oil ELO Epoxidized linseed oil Er Reduced modulus (GPa) ESO Epoxidized soybean oil EVO Epoxidized vegetable oil [K.
Epoxidized linseed oil (Flexol[TM] plasticizer LOE) and mixed triarylsulfonium hexafluoroantimonate salt (UVI-6974) photoinitiator were supplied by Dow Chemical Company.
The epoxynorbornene linseed oils (15,16) are all mixtures of oxiranes: fused norbornylene oxides and epoxidized linseed oil, as shown in Figure 1.
For accelerated cures conducted at 60[degrees]C, the formulations based on epoxidized linseed oil were observed to cure in shorter periods of time, but they all yellowed badly.