EPRIElectric Power Research Institute
EPRIEconomic Policy Research Institute (est. 1994; South Africa)
EPRIElectron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging
EPRIEmergency Preparedness Resource Inventory (US DHHS)
EPRIEnvironmental Protection and Research Institute (Gaza, Palestine)
EPRIEuropean Parliaments Research Initiatives
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This year, Southern Company's 21 Technology Transfer Award winners, who worked individually and as teams, were represented in every EPRI award category generation, power delivery and utilization, energy and environment and nuclear.
He noted that the EPRI has signed contracts with all oil companies to clean the exchangers, which will save them large sums of money.
The EPRI project is one of 14 totaling $30 million to support development of transformative new power plant cooling technologies that can economically reject waste heat with minimat water evaporation.
EPRI will design and demonstrate dry cask technology "at full scale" for evaluating the condition of "high burn-up" spent nuclear fuel during storage
EPRI conducts research and development relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity and is part of FirstEnergy, a diversified energy company (NYSE:FE).
The workshop will include presentations to a group of EPRI advisors in the areas of tokamaks (Princeton, General Atomics and UCSD), magnetized target fusion (General Fusion), colliding field reversed configurations (Helion Energy), laser fusion (LLNL and NRL) and fusion-fission hybrids (U.
Dorr, McCollough, and others at EPRI identified the applications that could benefit from use of PEDs, evaluated the steps necessary to develop the tool, and built a proof-of-concept prototype that demonstrates the feasibility of the instrument.
EPRI's testing confirmed that the mechanism can restrain the cover while allowing it to rise slightly to release internal pressure," said Matt Olearczyk, manager of distribution research for EPRI.
Williams, an EPRI environmental economist who oversaw the project and report completion.
The three-day event will offer numerous technical sessions, a roundtable discussion of the conference theme, exhibits from industry, a breakfast with Darnell, a tour of the EPRI labs in Knoxville and extensive networking opportunities.
According to EPRI, the recent research, conducted by the Klemm Analysis Group and published in the journal "Inhalation Toxicology," measured atmospheric levels of 15 key air pollutants and examined the relationship between their findings and non-trauma emergency room visits and deaths occurring over a two-year period in Atlanta.