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Contract award: project management market rehabilitation of sewerage facilities on a part of the territory of the autonomous sanitation intermunicipal syndicate (hedouville commons, frouville, the heaulme, gouzangrez, haravilliers, ambleville, omerville, charmont, montreuil sur epte, cherence, haute isle).
Total quantity or scope: Achievement of design studies and monitoring the work of making a FTTX network in the city areas of the territories of the Land of Neuburg, the Canton of Rugles, Pays de Conches, Bernay and its Surroundings and Epte Gisors Levriere.
Contract notice: Lumber mastery mission to rehabilitate anc facilities on behalf of the control group made epte cdc-vexin seine, canton-d~etrepagny, les andelys and surrounding epte gisors-levriere.
Work of mastery of Mission for the rehabilitation of anc facilities on behalf of the control group made Epte CDC-Vexin Seine, Canton-d~Etrepagny, Les Andelys and surrounding Epte Gisors-Levriere.
BEIJING -- Shanghai Expo Group and CBI Events have joined forces to organize the Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Show 2010 ( EPTES ) and China International Resources Recycling Industry Expo 2010(CIRR), which will be held on November 9-13, 2010, at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.
After the perfect joint network, both EPTES and CIRR have launched series of promotions activities towards potential purchasers and buyers.