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12]=1/4I[cross product]I=1/4(00+11)[cross product](00+11)=1/4(00[cross product]00+11[cross product]00+00[cross product]11+11[cross product]11) eqn.
Implementation of the above strategy implies the evaluation of the forces by Eqn (4) occurring during the binary interaction of two particles.
The performance metrics in this case are given by Eqns.
5: Use this value of the unknown boundary condition as the regularization term in Eqn.
It is convenient to introduce the notion self-electric capacitance, in accordance with the eqn.
The sonic pressure can be writing similar with the sonic flow in the pipe when are presuming one alternative flow, the instantaneous pressure [2] are, Eqn 3:
To relax this condition we resort to nonnegative definite Lyapunov functional to obtain the a-priori bound on all possible T -periodic solutions of Eqn.