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EEOAEqual Employment Opportunity Act
EEOAEqual Education Opportunity Act (Vermont)
EEOAEconomic Expansion in Outlying Areas (Zambia)
EEOAEqual Education Opportunities Act of 1974
EEOAEqual Employment Opportunity Agency
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The Equal Education Opportunity Act of 1997 ("Act 60")
In June of 1997, the Vermont legislature responded to the Brigham decision by enacting the Equal Education Opportunity Act of 1997, colloquially known as "Act 60."(236) The Act adopted as its underlying policy the notion that "all Vermont children will be afforded educational opportunities which are substantially equal although educational programs may vary from district to district."(237) This section will address Act 60's main components, which consist of: (a) block grants from the state supported by a statewide property tax; (b) measures to equalize local spending; and (c) provisions regarding assessment and accountability.
(238) See Equal Education Opportunity Act of 1997 [sections] 24(a).
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