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Section 2 discusses the equal gain power combining (EGC) procedure with the related combining types.
MIMO and combining scheme (maximal ratio combining, equal gain, selection combining) can be considered an alternate technique of improvement of the system.
In the literature, there are multiple conventional space diversity techniques such as selection diversity (SC), equal gain combining (EGC) and maximal ratio combining (MRC).
In this section, different combining schemes, such as selection combining (SC), equal gain combining (EGC) and maximal ratio combining (MRC) are investigated.
We now need to ask how well Equal Gain fits our normal understanding of the duty to reciprocate.
In this section, simulation results of the proposed scheme and other soft combination schemes such as maximum gain combination (MGC) and equal gain combination (EGC) are provided.
Secondly, the sensing accuracy of the proposed scheme is compared with that of two soft decision based schemes including equal gain combination (EGC) based scheme and maximal-ratio combination (MRC) based scheme.
The usual systems are selection (choose the input with the highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) or (S + N)/N), equal gain (combine the branch signals coherently with equal gain in each branch), switched (switch channels when the signal falls below a threshold) and maximal ratio (combine the branch signals coherently, applying a weighting to their amplitudes in accordance with the BER in each branch).
Generally, four different methods are used to combine the received signals,[2,3] including selection, maximum ratio, equal gain and switched.
Compared with last year, slightly fewer Americans now say defense spending is about right, with small but equal gains in the percentages who say the United States is spending too much and too little.
It is a well-known fact that several prominent bargaining solutions--such as the Nash, Kalai/Smorodinsky, equal gains, and equal sacrifice solutions, which will be defined rigorously in the next section--are responsive to changes in status-quo (i.e., disagreement or fallback) payoffs in that when an agent's status-quo payoff increases, his solution payoff either stays the same or increases) That is, when an Agent i's status-quo payoff increases while that of the other agent stays the same, Agent i is not worse off as a result; in many cases he is better off and consequently the other agent is worse off.
Meanwhile, "countries like Costa Rica, Panama, and Brazil have posted equal gains in literacy without resorting to totalitarian governments." And pre-Castro Cuba "already had the 13th lowest infant mortality rate in the world."
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