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EFElectronic Warfare Fighter (US military aircraft designation)
EFElectronic Filing
EFEducation First (internation English school)
EFEnvironmentally Friendly (various organizations)
EFExpedited Forwarding
EFEjection Fraction (cardiology)
EFEntity Framework (software)
EFEquivalent Focal Length
EFEnergy Factor
EFElongation Factor (protein synthesis)
EFEjection Fraction
EFEducation Foundation (various organizations)
EFEmergency Fund
EFEagle Forum
EFExtra Fine (threads)
EFExperimental Forest (USDA)
EFElectric Field
EFEmission (s) Factor
EFElite Force (Star Trek: Voyager computer game)
EFEnhanced Fujita Scale (tornadoes)
EFExtremely Fine (numismatics; 7th best condition of coin)
EFEnd Function
EFEquifax (credit reporting agency)
EFEcological Footprint
EFEpic Fail (Internet slang)
EFEntry Fee
EFElectronic Form
EFExhaust Fan
EFExternal Forces
EFElegant Feeling (Hyundai)
EFEdema Factor (microbiology; bacillary subunit of anthrax)
EFEquipment Failure (Wandel Goltermann)
EFEnemy Forces
EFEnvironmental Factor (The Olewine Company)
EFExposed Facility
EFEphedrine Free (thermogenic formula)
EFElmer Fudd (cartoon)
EFEarly Finish
EFElectron Flow
EFEuropæiske Fællesskab (Danish: European Community)
EFEmma Frost
EFEnrichment Factor
EFElementary Functions (TMN)
EFOperation Enduring Freedom (US DoD)
EFEducational Forum
EFExperience Factory
EFEnd Fitting
EFEngineering Fundamentals
EFEmitter Follower
EFElementary File
EFExcitation Frequency
EFElizabeth Forward (school district, Pennsylvania)
EFEnterprise Framework
EFElite Four (gaming, Pokemon)
EFElbow Flexor
EFElectro-Focus (Canon Cameras)
EFEncircled Flux (fiber optics)
EFEnglish Finish
EFElectronic Focusing
EFEscuela de la Fe (Spanish)
EFEris Free (Internet Relay Chat network)
EFExtension Flag
EFEndgame Framework (modeling and simulation)
EFEncyclopedia Frobozzica (Zork adventure game)
EFExtended Fractal
EFElectro-Flechette (gaming, Missionforce: Cyberstorm)
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twitter) charged a former executive at credit reporting firm Equifax with insider trading after he sold nearly $1 million in stock options before the company made public its massive data breach in early September.
The ACCC alleges that from June 2013 to March 2017, Equifax made a range of false or misleading representations to consumers, including that its paid credit reports were more comprehensive than the free reports, when they were not.
More than half of Americans polled have yet to check if they were hacking victims of the Equifax breach but believe the credit rating firm should lose its credit bureau status.
The Equifax cybersecurity breach that was announced Thursday and may have affected 143 million U.
Details including names, social security numbers, birthdates, addresses and some driver's license numbers were accessed during the incident, which took place from mid-May to July and was discovered on July 29, Equifax said in a statement.
23 November 2015 - US-based credit bureau Equifax Inc.
7 November 2014 - Atlanta US-based credit bureau Equifax Inc (NYSE: EFX) said that its board of directors declared a quarterly dividend of USD 0.
Equifax Verification Services (NYSE: EFX) said that, through its expanded integration with Ellie Mae's (NYSE: ELLI) Encompass mortgage management solution, Encompass users now have direct access to Equifax eSignature technology.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-December 6, 2013-Ellie Mae Encompass users gain access to Equifax eSignature
Texas-based residential mortgage services company, Nationstar Mortgage Holdings (NYSE: NSM), has announced its acquisition of Equifax Settlement Services Holding from Equifax Inc.
Summary: KXEN, the leading provider of data mining automation solutions, announced today that Equifax Capital Markets is using KXEN technology to strengthen its data mining and predictive modeling capabilities.