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EQEqualization/Equalizer/Equalize (audio term)
EQEqual to (or equivalant; computer math)
EQEducation Queensland
EQEmotional Quotient
EQElectric Quilt (quilting software)
EQEnvironmental Quality
EQEvil Queen
EQExceptional Quality ((also seen as eQ)
EQEmpireQuest (online game)
EQEnvironmental Qualification
EQEquipment Qualification
EQEducational Quotient
EQEncephalization Quotient (comparison of intelligence between species)
EQElder's Quorum (LDS Church)
EQEstimation-Quantization (coder type)
EQEnglish Qaballa
EQEnlisted Quarters
EQEarthQuakers (online gaming clan)
EQEthics Quotient
EQEstimation Quantizer
EQEnumerator Questionnaire (US Census Bureau)
EQEnvironmental Quescense (Canada)
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To all cases in law and equity, arising under the Constitution and the laws of the United States.
It is the peculiar province, for instance, of a court of equity to relieve against what are called hard bargains: these are contracts in which, though there may have been no direct fraud or deceit, sufficient to invalidate them in a court of law, yet there may have been some undue and unconscionable advantage taken of the necessities or misfortunes of one of the parties, which a court of equity would not tolerate.
We had left both law and equity on the other side of the Cape; and unfortunately, with a very few exceptions, our crew was composed of a parcel of dastardly and meanspirited wretches, divided among themselves, and only united in enduring without resistance the unmitigated tyranny of the captain.
It might be a fairer statement to say that there's an explosion of private equity growth worldwide in many industries, and the insurance industry is just one of them," said Robert Hartwig, chief economist for the Insurance Information Institute.
The remaining provisions of this Statement are consistent with the Board's proposal to revise that definition to encompass certain obligations that a reporting entity can or must settle by issuing its own equity shares, depending on the nature of the relationship established between the holder and the issuer.
To summarize, the program allows investors to take a 39% Federal tax credit over a seven-year period on the equity invested in qualified entities, known as community development entities (CDEs).
Shares, assets or ownership interests of a company or other entity include any debt or equity security, warrant, option, partnership interest, trust certificate or other instrument representing an ownership interest in the company or entity, whether voting or nonvoting.
Fortunately, private equity funding is real, not make-believe.
Enron Capital & Trade Resources, an integrated energy company, recently used private equity to secure long-term funds for expansion.
Are VRPs debt or equity for the purpose of determining whether payments are dividends or interest income?