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EIAEnvironmental Impact Assessment
EIAElectronic Industries Alliance
EIAElectronic Industries Association (now Electronic Industries Alliance)
EIAEnergy Information Administration (US DOE)
EIAEnergy in Africa (US Department of Energy)
EIAEvaluation and Impact Assessment (various organizations)
EIAEnzyme Immunoassay
EIAEnglish in Action (education; various locations)
EIAEnvironmental Investigation Agency
EIAEquine Infectious Anemia (commonly known as Coggins in Horses)
EIAExercise-Induced Asthma
EIAEquality Impact Assessment
EIAEnvironmental Industry Associations
EIAEnzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
EIAEdmonton International Airport (Canada)
EIAEuropean Information Association
EIAEvaluación de Impacto Ambiental (Guatemala)
EIAEstudio de Impacto Ambiental (Guatemala)
EIAEvaluarea Impactului Asupra (Romanian: Impact Assessment; various locations)
EIAEarly Iron Age
EIAExternal Iliac Artery (biology)
EIAEmbedded Intel Architecture
EIAElectronics Industry Association (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
EIAElectrical Interface Adapter
EIAEthernet Interface Application
EIAElectrical Interface Assembly
EIAElectronics Industries Association
EIAEnvironmental Impact Analysis
EIAÉcole d'Ingénieurs et d'Architectes (French: School of Engineering and Architecture; Switzerland)
EIAEnterprise Information Architecture
EIAEconomic Integration Agreement (various nations)
EIAÉcole Internationale des Affaires (French: International School of Business; Sénégal)
EIAEquity Indexed Annuity
EIAEnvironmental Information Association (Bethesda, Maryland, USA)
EIAEconomic Impact Assessment
EIAEuropean Intermodal Association (EU-backed NGO to assess Intermodal Transportation)
EIAEnergy Independence Act (various states)
EIAEstudos Ibero Americanos (Portuguese: Latin American Studies)
EIAEmerging Issues Analysis (various organizations)
EIAElectrical Interface Assemblies (Cisco)
EIAExperimental and Integrative Activities (US NSF)
EIAElectrical Industries Association
EIAÉcole d'Ingénierie Appliquée (French: School of Applied Engineering; Switzerland)
EIAEnsemble Instrumental de l'Ariège (French: Ensemble Instrumental of the Ariège; Ariege, France)
EIAErbil International Airport
EIAÉlectronique Industrielle des Alpes (French: Industrial Electronics of the Alps)
EIAExcellence In Action
EIAÉquipement Industriel de l'Atlantique (French: Atlantic Industrial Equipment)
EIAEnvironmental Institute of America (Campbell, CA)
EIAEquity in Athletics, Inc
EIAEasy Internet Association
EIAEarth Incidence Angle
EIAEngineering Industry Association (Ireland)
EIAEarth Intelligence Agency
EIAEcofibre Industries Association
EIAENDA Inter -Arab
EIAEarly Impact Analysis
EIAExternal Interface Assembly
EIAEmbodied Intelligent Agent
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"New York's annuity nonforfeiture law, unlike the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's (NAIC) Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities, does not allow insurers to offer an equity indexed annuity that reduces the minimum guaranteed interest rate payable by insurers by up to one percent" Sweeney said.
It doesn't matter to me whether it is a traditional fixed annuity, equity indexed annuity, or variable annuity product because the advantages of tax deferral exist for all non-qualified accounts.
However, the SEC fails to acknowledge that the bulk of the investment risk in the case of a fixed, equity indexed annuity is not borne by the owner because there is no risk of loss to the buyer's principal and the buyer's principal is guaranteed to increase at a minimum interest rate.
Stuto of the Life Insurance Council of the State of New York (LICONY) stated that "these amendments to the insurance law are necessary so that the New York insurance marketplace can be opened up to more competition in the equity indexed annuity market.
But with the surge in equity indexed annuity sales came a sense that equity indexed universal life's time is near.
When discussing what she calls "bonus gimmicks,, for instance, she warned consumers to "beware of the promise of a 'bonus' used to entice you into investing in an equity indexed annuity." Her most damaging statement warned, "However, bonuses are often illusory, and are seldom paid up-front." But here is a reality check: As of November 2007, 37% of the 335 products on the indexed annuity market feature a bonus.