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EMNÉcole des Mines de Nantes (French: French School of Mines Nantes; Nantes, France)
EMNEntretien Maintenance Nettoyage (French cleaning company)
EMNElectronic Mail Notification (Open Mobile Alliance)
EMNEuropean Migration Network (est. 2003)
EMNEspace Moselle Numérique (French: Moselle Digital Space; Moselle, France)
EMNEarly Morning News
EMNÉcole de Musique du Nogentais (French music school)
EMNEquity Market Neutral (investing)
EMNÉcole des Mines de Nancy (French: Nancy School of Mines; Nancy, France)
EMNEurope Méditerranée Nautisme (French: Europe Mediterranean Yachting)
EMNÉcole Nationale de la Magistrature (French National School for the Training of Judges and Prosecutors)
EMNEuropean Motor News (UK)
EMNEnvironmental Markets Network (business environment organization)
EMNEarthLink Municipal Networks
EMNElectromagnetic Noise
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Systematic equity market neutral and fundamental equity market neutral are the most sought after strategies by alternative UCITS investors
Fundamental Growth also provided a strong contribution to EH gains, while Equity Market Neutral strategies gained +0.
It covers four core strategies: discretionary macro, equity market neutral, managed futures and equity long/short.
Alternatively, equities and futures are among the most liquid securities in which hedge funds invest, and not surprisingly, the average first-order serial correlations for equity market neutral, long/short equity, and managed futures are 5.
Also included are important documents and regulations, and 11 chapters that each describe one significant strategy used, such as types of arbitrage, equity market neutral, macro-investing, and short selling.
Stark contrasted the historical performance of five indices against the S&P 500 and the Lehman High Yield Credit Bond Index over the past 10 years -- convertible arbitrage, distressed securities, the equity market neutral index, the fixed income arbitrage and the merger arbitrage.
Out Of the alternative UCITS data, long/short equity funds make up 27% of the database, macro funds 12%, funds of funds 10%, equity market neutral funds 9%, emerging market funds 7%, managed futures 7%, multistrategy funds 6%, and currency 4%.
The largest investment consultants and pension funds are driving demand: 45% of these respondents plan to add to one or more systematic strategies, including quantitative equity market neutral, CTA, quantitative macro, quantitative equity and quantitative multi-strategy.
DB found that the largest investment consultants and pension funds were driving this demand: 45% of these respondents expected to add to one or more systematic strategies, including quantitative equity market neutral, commodity trading advisors, quantitative macro, quantitative equity and quantitative multi-strategy.
31 per cent in a volatile and widely dispersed month for equity markets, with gains in Equity Market Neutral and Fundamental Growth partially offset by weakness in Energy and Basic Materials and short exposure.
Equity Market Neutral and Sector: Technology/Healthcare posted more modest declines, with these declining -0.
As described by AQR, the Fund seeks exposure to the following sub-strategies: Convertible Arbitrage, Event Driven (including Merger Arbitrage), Fixed Income Relative Value, Equity Market Neutral, Long/Short Equity, Dedicated Short Bias, Global Macro, Managed Futures and Emerging Markets.