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"The Defendants did not raise issues of material fact with respect to the existence of reasonably equivalent value supporting the transfers as the quantification of value they proffered fell far short of reasonableness.
In exchange, the Italians purchased an equivalent value of Israeli aerospace technology, including satellites and surveillance aircraft.
The retail equivalent value of these quality changes averaged $110.37, representing 18.2 percent of the average $606.00 over-the-year increase in manufacturers' suggested list prices.
According to analyses by Nielsen Sport, the TV images with 151 hours of visibility created an additional 13 million Euros of advertising equivalent value in Germany.
A professional analysis of "reasonably equivalent value" and "solvency," in connection with a protective transfer, can bolster and clarify asset-protection planning.
I suggest that there is little difference between accepting high value tickets and taking the equivalent value in cash.
The rules, however, are not straightforward and differ depending on whether the ISAs held by the deceased spouse were in cash or non-cash assets (typically stocks and shares): Cash ISAs | For cash ISAs, the equivalent value to the ISA accounts held by the deceased at the date of their death is available to be invested by the surviving spouse, whether or not the account is left to them.
Owners of undeclared gold must pay a fee of USD 200 or its equivalent value in the Syrian pound for each 1kg of gold to the Central Bank of Syria.
The meeting also dealt with other issues facing the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) and distribution companies, including the percentages of lost power, estimated at about 4 percent of the energy output, the equivalent value of 800 thousand dinars per month or JD6.9 million annually.
For example, if a company transfers its only asset, a piece of land worth $50 million, to a creditor to satisfy a debt of $500,000 and the company soon files for bankruptcy, the debtor may recover the land on the basis that it did not receive reasonably equivalent value.
Iran would then get an equivalent value of Russian goods and equipment, with no need to tackle the problem of blocked banking transactions since there would be no bank transactions.
We reserve the right at our absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions and or substitute/replace the voucher with another product or programme of equivalent value from time to time or cancel this promotion without any prior notice.