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EQVEquipment Varies
EQVEsse Quam Videri (educational program)
EQVEquipment Varies (airline flight schedules)
EQVEquivalent Value
EQVEarnings Quality Valuation
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According to analyses by Nielsen Sport, the TV images with 151 hours of visibility created an additional 13 million Euros of advertising equivalent value in Germany.
63 on September 15, 2015, the equivalent value of USD 1.
Non-cash ISAs | The rules for non-cash ISAs are a little more complex in that the equivalent value to the non-cash ISA accounts is still available to the surviving spouse, however, it can only remain in the form of a non-cash ISA if that actual account passes to the surviving spouse.
As a result, a vendors attorney generally cannot point to a case supporting the argument that the debtor did in fact receive reasonably equivalent value in exchange for the transfer the debtor is trying to recover.
The retail equivalent value of quality changes averaged $24.
Unison said the agreement with Bury Council settles equal pay claims from women who were paid less than their male colleagues for doing work of equivalent value.
The power of a grantor to substitute trust property for other property of equivalent value is often drafted into a trust for the purpose of conferring grantor trust status on irrevocable life insurance trusts for tax purposes.
In addition, approximately 42,000 families in urban areas will receive cash vouchers worth the equivalent value of 50 kilograms of wheat flour for six months.
Recognition uses software which calculates the Advertising Equivalent Value, or AVE.
Moreover, other than cash compensation, landlords can apply to obtain other plot of land with equivalent value for compensation.
It cannot be exchanged for cash (cash equivalent value pounds 0.
Those overlooked opportunities reportedly could provide the equivalent value of millions of dollars of additional sales.