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EQCEarthquake Commission (New Zealand)
EQCEnvironmental Quality Control
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The thermal equivalent circuit of insulation of power cables (Fig.
The estimation of PV equivalent circuit parameters has been tackled in a variety of recent works, which explore a multidude of different approaches for dealing with the non-linearities, possible approximations and other problems associated to I-V characteristic curve estimation [3-10].
The equivalent circuit is based on core admittances (especially inductor) where flux penetrations are bounded under high frequency conditions [1].
The relationships between the structure parameters and the equivalent circuit parameters are shown in Figure 2, and [f.sub.se] = [[omega].sub.se0]/2[pi] and [f.sub.sh] = [[omega].sub.sh0]/2[pi].
Using the equivalent circuit model presented in Figure 7 and applying Kirchhoff s voltage and current laws at the PCC, the following two equations in the abc frame can be obtained:
This paper will introduce a lithium battery equivalent circuit model based on self-healing characteristic.
To check the validity of the equivalent circuit, [V.sub.ag_c] calculated by Equation (3) was compared with [V.sub.ag_c] actually measured.
In Figure 5(b) the equivalent circuit of a cell loaded with short ended stubs is depicted where the stubs (with coupling gaps) are modeled by LC resonators ([Z.sub.stub]).
The switch [T.sub.1] is ON; the equivalent circuit can be simplified as shown Figure 8.
The analysis of the equivalent circuit model is still not finished.
In order to provide a rapid system-level analysis, a stochastic equivalent circuit analysis was developed to quickly analyze spectral content under various system confgurations.
It is worth noting that the restriction [alpha] + [beta] = 1 imposed above also guarantees that the equivalent circuit of ([Y.sub.I]) is a [pi]-model (see Figure 3(c)).
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