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ERFCComplementary Error Function
ERFCEducational Resources for Children, Inc. (est. 1994; Enfield, CT)
ERFCEbony Rhythm Funk Campaign (band)
ERFCÉcole des Recrues des Forces Canadiennes (Recruit School Canadian Forces)
ERFCEducational Employees Supplemental Retirement System for Fairfax County (Virginia)
ERFCEmilia Romagna Film Commission (est. 1997; Bologna, Italy)
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After integration by parts, it has the closed form formula related to special complementary error functions erfc (z) as follows:
where Q([kappa], t) = expt [- [kappa]t]/[square root of [pi]Dt] - [square root of [kappa]/D] erfc ([square root of [kappa]t]).
Donde erfc es la funcion error complementaria (de Gauss) definida por:
erfc es el complemento de la funcion error, v es la velocidad lineal del agua subterranea, conocida como velocidad de Darcy:
n+1] [erfc (2n - 1) - [xi]/2[square root of Fo] + erfc (2n - 1) [xi]/2[square root of Fo]] (3)
where erfc is the complimentary error function (Korn and Korn 1968) and the vitality rate parameters are normalized by the initial vitality, giving
However, in many such cases the averaging integral includes either the Gaussian Q-function, either directly related functions: error function, erf (x), and/or complementary error function erfc (x).
In the meta-analysis by the ERFC (31) in 22 prospective studies involving over 90,000 individuals, the apoA-I quintile 2 proved to protect against CHD risk compared with the lowest quintile by nearly 20%.
c] and the approximation for the ERFC function (see Appendix B), the piezoelectric coefficient reduces to: