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ERGSElectronic Route Guidance System
ERGSExperimental Route Guidance System (General Motors)
ERGSEnergy Released per Gram of Soil
ERGSEffective Resources-Gulf States, Ltd. (partnership; Texas)
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The aim of this study was to observe photopic OFF-responses of ERG in monkeys with high IOP.
Photopic ERG ON-responses are obtained when short-duration stimuli are used under light-adapted condition.
For example, an abnormal P50 amplitude combined with a normal full field ERG would suggest the presence of a maculopathy such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), (15) whereas an abnormal P50 amplitude combined with abnormal responses in full field light adapted ERGs would suggest generalised cone dysfunction.
Various types of active electrodes may be used for this type of test and as in full field ERGs the patient should be dilated.
1986) y topografia suave, hacen de erg Chebbi una zona idonea para estudiar su comportamiento hidrogeologico aplicando Sistemas de Informacion Geografica (SIG), y utilizar dicha metodologia en otros ergs de mayor tamano de diversos lugares del mundo.
The major purpose of most ERGs is to facilitate learning and create personal growth and visibility opportunities within a company.
The average annual budget for ERGs reported by survey participants is $7,203 per every 100 ERG members.
A member profile is created by examining the ERGs into which the member's episodes of care have been mapped, along with the member's demographic characteristics.
When Latino ERGs are successful in making themselves a destination for current leaders, they are better able to serve as an incubator for future Latino leaders.
Many of my ERG members work in a call center or an operations capacity, so our service standards may make it difficult at times to break away from their job.
AT&T hosts a two-day national workshop, instructing top level ERG leaders on how to grow each of their ERGs and to learn leadership skills.
We are evolving our group from an ERG (Employee Resource Group) to a BRG (Business Resource Group) and we have organized our board in alignment with the 4C Model Framework: Culture, Career, Community, and Commerce.