ErhoHorizontal Location Error (largest horizontal error projection; used by US Geological Survey for earthquake study)
ErhoEesti Rahva Heaolu Organisatsioon
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Caption: Figure 1--A: PCA of experimental units subjected to rotational (R1, R2) and continuous (C1, C2) grazing management according to the frequency of 27 types of vegetation structure (four types with axis correlation >70% and average frequency of appearance >5%; ESIN = lower strata, MAMO = dead material, SAAN = Saccharum angustifolium, ERHO = Eryngium horridum, ERPL = Eragrostis plana) at the beginning and end of the experimental period as shown by the direction of the arrows.
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Ted Erho, a postgraduate student in the Department of Theology and Religion and recipient of the university's highly competitive Doctoral Fellowship, made the find while examining microfilms of classical Ethiopic manuscripts.
Mr Erho said: "Apart from the obvious scholastic interest, the discovery of such an old manuscript is highly significant culturally."