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ERINEnvironmental Resources Information Network
ERINEmergency Response Information Network
ERINEastern Region Injury Network (Ontario, Canada)
ERINEarth Resources Information Network (Australia)
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BMX racing is very much a family affair for Erin, who trains at the Duce Drive PS250,000 national standard track in Dawley and travels all over the country to take part in regional and national races, with both her mum Helen and brother Cameron also competing.
Last year it provided Erin, from Whitley Bay, with a specialist seat to help her to feel included when out with her family.
The surgery saw the lower part of Erin's skull removed, to give her brain more space.
He then shared his and Erin's conversation, where she told him that her classmates find him 'cool,' since he does not pressure her to go for school awards.
The traditional chief of Erin Ile community, who pledged that the people would be peacefully carrying out the execution of the court judgement, said there are established procedures for executing court judgement.
Because of Erin's outreach efforts, there are many examples of individual students and their families who have personally benefited in specific ways from Erin's work -- from free college tours for newcomers to scholarships for at-risk kids and special supports for disabled students.
Former NHS worker Helen said: "When we finished it, Erin thought it was amazing and said, 'Nice job, mum.' "She absolutely loves it.
Selfie stick time Harris Kliskey, Erin Higginson, Hazel Imrie, Kim Russell and Lachie Fingland on the beach
"Erin's a very sociable little girl and is becoming frustrated and upset at having to stay in her buggy when we are out and about as a family.
The pair donated kit to help fund the PS42,000 cost of the Vertebral Body Tethering that Erin will undergo.