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ERIEritrea (ISO Country code)
ERIEcological Restoration Institute (NAU)
ERIEarthquake Research Institute (Japan)
ERIElectronic Recyclers International (Fresno, CA and Gardner, MA)
ERIEarthrights International
ERIEquipment Reliability Institute
ERIElective Replacement Indicator (pacemakers)
ERIEleanor Roosevelt Institute
ERIElm Research Institute
ERIExchange Rate Index
ERIEconomic Reciprocity Initiative (NAACP)
ERIExcès de Risque Individuel (French: Excess of Individual Risk)
ERIEnhanced Roaming Indicator
ERIElectricity Regional Initiative (EU; est. 2006)
ERIErie, PA, USA - Erie International (Airport Code)
ERIEngineer Restructure Initiative
ERIExtended Roaming Indicator (cellular phones)
ERIEpidemiology Resources Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
ERIEmbedded Running Indicator (watches)
ERIEarly Return Index
ERIEmployee Retraining Initiative
ERIEconomic Residual Income
ERIExcess Regulation Index (business ethics)
ERIEmployee Relations Inventory
ERIElsevier Realty Information, Inc
ERIEconomic Research Institute (Redmond, WA)
ERIEducation, Research and Innovation
ERIEarly Reading Intervention (education)
ERIEducation and Research Institute (various organizations)
ERIEvolutionary Retention Index
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Concerned by Saudi and UAE military presence in Eritrea, Ethiopia warned the two Arab nations against supporting what it said was "Asmara's long-standing destabilizing agenda against Ethiopia".
9) Consequently, because of lack of education, the British could not find trained natives to run Eritrea.
It further argues the guarantors in abdicating the legal responsibility they assumed by signing in the Algiers to uphold the implementation of EEBC Verdict, to the extent of imposing sanctions if one or both of the parties violate the agreement by invoking UN Chapter VII, contributed to the current refugee crisis in Eritrea.
Ethiopia is saying it is capable of launching an attack on Eritrea.
The United States and Eritrea have very little bilateral trade.
The many violations in Eritrea are of a scope and scale seldom seen anywhere else in today's world.
We congratulate the people and government of Eritrea led by President Isaias Afewerki, on the occasion of its National Day.
The Australian Government admits that its capacity to give consular aids and emergency assistance in the region is very limited as it does not have an Embassy or Consulate in Eritrea.
Understand the demand-side dynamics, key market trends and growth opportunities within the Eritrea life insurance market
Eritrea however has vehemently denied any involvement in the attack.
Wednesday's resolution demanded that Eritrea "cease arming, training, and equipping armed groups and their members including al-Shabaab [fighters], that aim to destabilise the region" and also resolve a border dispute with Djibouti.
The 15-member body voted overwhelmingly to pass a Ugandan-drafted resolution to ban weapons sales to and from Eritrea and impose travel restrictions on, and freeze the assets of, the country's political and military leadership.