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EEnlisted (military)
EEcstasy (3,4-Methylenedioxy Methamphetamine, MDMA)
ebase for the natural logarithm; approximately 2.71828
EEven (par; golf)
ESpecial Delivery (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
EEstate (IRB)
EEnterprise (Rent-A-Car)
EExtra (as in extra fine)
ELondon East (postcode, United Kingdom)
EEntertainment Television
EEveryone (ESRB)
EEdge (welded joint type)
EExplorer (Microsoft)
EEuro (European currency)
EEnhanced (911 service)
EElectrical Field (physics)
EExposure Level
EEminem (rapper)
EExcellence (Navy award given to ships or units for top performance)
EVolt (electronics)
EEarl (British title of nobility)
ENew Brunswick (Canada Post designation)
EFailing Grade (used instead of or in addition to F)
EElectra (Records)
EExpectation (mathematics; probability theory)
EEnergizer (battery)
EEquilibrium (economics)
EEuropean Route (European interstate)
EEspana (Spain) (International Auto Identification)
EExa- (10^18, SI Prefix)
EEni Spa (stock symbol)
EExchequer (UK)
EYoung's Modulus (of elasticity)
EEscherichia (genus of the E. coli bacterium)
ETocopherol Acetate (vitamin)
EEmitter (transistor; electronics)
EGlutamate (amino acid)
EEnron Corp.
EErlang (telephone traffic analysis)
EEnlisted Man
EEpinephrine (adrenaline)
EElectromotive Force (voltage)
EElectronic/Electronics (US military aircraft designation; as in E-3A)
EEstimated Sign (European packaging)
EFederal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
EHave Directed Traffic (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
ETotal probable error
ESpecial Electronic Installation (US Military aerospace mission designation)
EEsophoria at Distance
EUndenominated United States Stamp (25 cents, introduced 3 Apr 1988)
EEndangered (species classification)
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Erlang Solutions is globally recognized as the business thought leaders in the Erlang community," said Earl Galleher, Basho Technologies Chairman and CEO.
978-256-1300 Troy McCombs Coltrin & Associates 212-221-1616 Karl Hutchinson Erlang Technology, Inc.
NEC Electronics, as sole distributor in the North American market, enables Erlang Technology to leverage NEC Electronics' nationwide sales and engineering support infrastructure in addition to complementing NEC's communications product offering.
The use of a discrete-event simulation model with Erlang probability distributions in the estimation of earthmoving production, Civil Engineering Systems 13(1): 25-44.
Erlang C assumes that callers will remain in queue-which may had been true in 1917 with telephone users at the time willing to wait for a long time before being connected, but definitely not today, especially in the "want it now" environment.
Yuen, Junyi Guo, Xueyuan Wu, On a correlated aggregate claim model with Poisson and Erlang risk process, Mathematics and Economics, 31(2002), 205-214.
The fit of five types of functions were tested, namely, linear, logarithmic, power, exponential, and cumulative-Gamma (as Erlang 2 and cumulative exponential are special cases of this, they were not included), using all data points from all products and all data points for each product.
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The amount is distributed as an Erlang pseudo-random variate with scale parameter of .
To manage the ACD queue in the most efficient way possible, the Erlang C algorithm is used to determine optimum staffing requirements.
Ericsson's Computer Science Laboratory has announced that it will release the source code to its Erlang language, originally developed to run telephone exchanges.
The Erlang models also predict that even a temporary reduction in available staffing, such as a coffee break or a brief meeting, can cause response times to deteriorate almost instantly.