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EEnlisted (military)
EEcstasy (3,4-Methylenedioxy Methamphetamine, MDMA)
Ebase for the natural logarithm; approximately 2.71828
EEven (par; golf)
ESpecial Delivery (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
EEstate (IRB)
EEnterprise (Rent-A-Car)
EExtra (as in extra fine)
ELondon East (postcode, United Kingdom)
EEntertainment Television
EEveryone (ESRB)
EEdge (welded joint type)
EExplorer (Microsoft)
EEuro (European currency)
EEnhanced (911 service)
EElectrical Field (physics)
EExposure Level
EEndangered (species classification)
EEminem (rapper)
EExcellence (Navy award given to ships or units for top performance)
EVolt (electronics)
EEarl (British title of nobility)
ENew Brunswick (Canada Post designation)
EFailing Grade (used instead of or in addition to F)
EElectra (Records)
EExpectation (mathematics; probability theory)
EEnergizer (battery)
EEquilibrium (economics)
EEuropean Route (European interstate)
EEspana (Spain) (International Auto Identification)
EExa- (10^18, SI Prefix)
EEni Spa (stock symbol)
EExchequer (UK)
EYoung's Modulus (of elasticity)
EEscherichia (genus of the E. coli bacterium)
ETocopherol Acetate (vitamin)
EEmitter (transistor; electronics)
EGlutamate (amino acid)
EEnron Corp.
EErlang (telephone traffic analysis)
EEnlisted Man
EEpinephrine (adrenaline)
EElectromotive Force (voltage)
EElectronic/Electronics (US military aircraft designation; as in E-3A)
EEpoxy Coated Rebar (also seen as ECR)
EEstimated Sign (European packaging)
EFederal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
EHave Directed Traffic (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
ETotal probable error
ESpecial Electronic Installation (US Military aerospace mission designation)
EEsophoria at Distance
EUndenominated United States Stamp (25 cents, introduced 3 Apr 1988)
EElectronic Night Bombing Installation (US Navy)
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A major factor that helps in concurrency is the fact that all data structures in Erlang are immutable and cannot be changed, this avoids having to focus on locks, semaphores and other ways of trying to ensure the sanctity of shared data.
0001 IMF, intramuscular fat content; BW, body weight; PCW, percentage of carcass weight; PSEW, percentage of semi-eviscerated weight; PEW, percentage of eviscerated weight; PBM, percentage of breast muscle; PLM, percentage of leg muscle; PAF, percentage of abdominal fat; DH, Daheng chicken; HB, Hongbiao chicken; MB, Mountainous Black-bone chicken; EM, Erlang Mountainous chickens; BH1, line of BH1 from Banghe company; BH2, line of BH2 from Banghe company.
Erlang was designed for short-duration phone calls that arrive continuously, without disruption.
Danish IT solutions firm Trifork A/S (CPH:TRIFOR) said that it together with its 51%-owned UK technology firm Erlang Solutions Limited had signed heads of terms regarding a potential purchase of up to a 60% stake in UK software firm Open Credo Limited, or OpenCredo, at GBP2.
The transportation time between SC levels is represented by the Erlang distribution Erl (k = 2) with multiple means.
5] Ayyappan, Gopal Sekar and Muthu Ganapathi Subramanian (2010), M/M/1 Retrial Queueing System with Erlang type service by Matrix geometric method, International Journal of Computer Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Vol 4, pp 357-368.
Como herramienta conceptual para abordar el problema, se utilizara la teoria de lineas de espera, herramienta desarrollada por Erlang (1909) y perteneciente al campo de las matematicas aplicadas (denominada en el contexto de la Ingenieria Industrial como Investigacion de Operaciones).
An erlang is a unit of telephone traffic loading, typically equivalent to one caller talking for an hour.
In the Ming-Dynasty semimythical novels Investiture of the Gods (Feng Shen Yan Yi, by Xu Zhonglin) and Journey to the West (Xi You Ji, by Wu Cheng'en), there is a god by the name of Erlang, who has a third truth-seeking eye in the middle of his forehead.
Vehicles can be generated under varying volumes and composition levels from different headway distributions, including negative exponential, shifted exponential and Erlang distribution.
1999; Paxson, Floyd 1995), the present Erlang models do not represent the Internet traffic precisely and can be used only at a session level.