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Erwa accused Darfur rebels of destroying networks and communication towers, stressing that the security situation in the region degrades telecom quality there.
Fateh Erwa, a senior Sudanese intelligence official who was involved in the episode, believes that was a grave error.
Sudanese Ambassador Elfatih Erwa objected to the passage of the resolution and insisted that the situation in his country had improved, rather than deteriorated, and accused the administration of President George W.
With: Huang Hong, Li Lin, Lei Kesheng, Siqin Gaowa, Yu Lan, Huang Zhaohan, Li Song, Yu Hao, Zhang Yinghong, Jia Erwa, Zhao Ran, Fan Lei, Zhou Wei.
But Sudan's ambassador to the UN, Mr Mohamed Erwa said America's claims were untrue.
Elfatih Erwa told reporters in New York that Sudan plans to file a protest with the U.N.
ADCO, Musalla Eid Raeese bint Khalfan, Erwa bin Al Zubayr, Sultan bin
Ismail Al-Haj Musa, the second (axis of the Professional Environment of Press) to be presented by Obeid Ahmed Muraweh, the third (axis of the Economics of Press) to be presented by Mahjoub Erwa.
Also there is a lot of diversity, people of all different backgrounds and ideologies; they are all working together as a team", said volunteer Mohammad Erwa. "A large number of Sudanese people have migrated outside Sudan because they feel desperate about their country, but this has injected a positive mentality.