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EJEject (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
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EJExajoule (10^18 Joules)
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EJEmpresa Júnior (Junior Enterprise, Brazil)
EJEddie James (crossword setter for Private Eye Magazine)
EJEmergency Jettison
EJElectronic Journalism (NBC early 70's term describing Minicams; usually called ENG now)
EJElectric Jet (USAF nickname for the F-16 Fighting Falcon)
EJElectronic Jamming
EJEmerald Jungle (Everquest)
EJEscort Jammer
EJEcotourism Japan
EJEarvin Johnson Jr. (baskball player)
EJElectronic Jockey
EJExpendable Jammer
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The committee deleted funding for the EF-111 Systems Improvement Program (SIP) and other items while boosting funds for the EA-6B during its FY 1993 defense budget deliberations -- effectively handing the role of the military's primary stand-off or escort jammer to the Navy aircraft (see this month's "Washington Report").
One of the top-ranked defense-electronics company in the world, Thales supplies the armed forces of more than 50 countries covering all domains: SIGINT, ELINT, and COMINT systems; ESM systems; self-protection systems (RWR, LWR, MWS, towed decoys, and chaff/flare dispensers); escort jammers; self-protection RF jammers; communications jammers; and EW simulation and training systems, and EW mission-planning systems.
Barrage noise produced by self-screening jammers (SSJ) or escort jammers (ESJ) can also prevent target detection and acquisition.