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ESCOTEducational Software Components of Tomorrow (National Science Foundation research project)
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En este sentido, otros autores han destacado la posible relacion entre el uso de los permisos y la calidad del empleo (Lapuerta, Baizan & Gonzalez, 2011; Escot Mangas y Fernandez Cornejo, 2012; Romero-Balsas, 2012).
Escot in Headlong Hall, Peacock was more than ready to marry for love, despite his railing against "the present system of marriage.
Nigel Boothroyd, of Clarke Lane, is the new British Hot Ford Champion after winning the title at Buxton Raceway in his Mark III Ford Escot.
1997; Bestgen and Bundy, 1998; Escot and Granado-Lorencio, 1998; Morioka and Machinandiarena, 2001).
This was Escot, approximately ten miles east of Exeter, which had been built for Sir Walter Yonge by the polymath architect Robert Hooke (1635-1703), Sir Christopher Wren's (1632-1723) colleague in the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666 (Fig.
The Identifying Design Principles in Educational Applets (IDEA) project, background of ESCOT, the Math Forum's Problems of the Week (PoWs), data mining for design principles, and design principles are presented.
Camera (color), Peter Stein, Steven Poster; editor, Bill Anderson, Susan Korda; music, Todd Boekelhide; production design, Nancy Deren; set decoration, Rowena Rowling; costumes, Kim Marie Druce; sound, Arthur McKay; assistant director, Adam Escot.
Foremost among its disputants, which include phrenologists, landscape-gardeners, fashionable portraitists, and periodical reviewers, all guests of Squire Headlong amidst the rugged Cambrian beauty of his Welsh country-seat, are three philosophers: Mr Escot, a 'deteriorationalist', Mr Foster, a 'perfectibilarian', and, in the middle, Mr Jenkison, a 'statu-quo-ite'.
The ongoing debate over the relative progress or demise of the world which is pursued between Escot and Foster involves the triadic figure of Jenkison as an ostensible "resolver" of the debate, a stand-in for the reader whose duty it is, within the protocol of the skeptical debate form, to construct an encompassing third alternative for the positions which Escot and Foster advance so successfully as to render both untenable.
Many scholars, including Uve Urban, Pozzi Escot, and Jonathan Bernard, have found this type of graph useful for examination of registral/temporal relationships in Ligeti's compositions.
Matt Escot, Lucie Carr, James Clayton, Megan Crudace, and Cameron Hill, who all attend Whitley Bay High School, in North Tyneside, developed a prototype system for the thermoregulation of under-sea umbilicals.