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ESHUEmergency Ship Handling Unit (US Navy)
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(*) Corresponding author: Victor Eshu Okpashi, Department of Biochemistry, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria, Tel: +2348037636808; E-mail:
The colonialist tendency in Brazil to equate Eshu with the Catholic figure of the Devil persists today.
Cesaire's Prospero loses his grip when Eshu disturbs his entertainment for Miranda and Ferdinand: "Power!
This humanly-perceptible reduced version of the main program that can see in all dimensions is individually attuned to every single person through sub-programs that are called Eshu. The Eshu are also AI programs and rest inside one's head where they can speak to us and be spoken to.
An example occurs among the Yoruba and Fon who share geographic and cultural borders, as well as myth and deities, such as Eshu who is Legba according to the Fon.
The pade (from the Yoruba ipade, "to gather") is a meeting and praising of the orisha Eshu Elegba, the gate opener in Brazilian-Yoruba based Candomble ceremonies.
Here we are at Eshu's crossroads, presented with a choice.
Donald Cosentino describes these Vodun manifestations of Esu as "brothers of the Crossroads and Cross" who "complete all the possibilities inherent in the complex figures of Legba / Eshu Elegba" (269).
"Resisting the influence of African Powers--Yemaya, Eshu, Eleggua, and Ochosi," writes Phillip Melling, "Santiago shows no interest in the healing capabilities of the Afro-Cuban ceremony." (14) Instead, this critic continues, Santiago concentrates on the American pastime of baseball for strength only to find out that "the quest for human perfectibility in baseball is not transferable to the spiritual landscape of the Caribbean" (22).