ESIAEducational Synopses in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine (journal)
ESIAEmployment Support and Income Assistance (Canada)
ESIAEnvironmental and Social Impact Analysis
ESIAElliott School of International Affairs (George Washington University)
ESIAEnvironmental and Social Impact Assessment
ESIAEuropean Semiconductor Industry Association (EU)
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The ESIA has calculated that the area marked for flooding will be 570 hectares, which includes 150 hectares of agricultural land, 82 hectares of pine woodland and 131 of natural vegetation.
Buyer: ESIA (Energy Software Intelligence Analytics Ltd)
The ESIA will be undertaken in alignment with the legislation of both countries, as well as international good practice guidelines such as the IFC's Performance Standards.
Opponents of the mammoth canal scheme point to the ESIA situation as the most egregious example to date of how secretive the government has been regarding the estimated US$50 billion project, which it has been pushing hard since President Daniel Ortega was re-elected in 2011 (NotiCen, Sept.
Ademas quedaria suspendida la reforma al plan de estudios de la ESIA para someterla a un nuevo proceso de consulta entre la comunidad politecnica.
South Stream Transport is yet to hold consultations with NGOs and local organizations on the ESIA report.
The ESIA work was conducted by Greenwater Environmental Services Limited ("Greenwater") and commenced in January 2013.
ESIA said it strongly believes that the Middle East is one of the future core markets of solar power and now is the right time to start investing in solar power.
The Emirates Solar Industries Association, or Esia, estimates that key Mena markets to adopt solar power will be Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE and Kuwait, as well as Morocco.
The Scoping Report on the ESIA provides Turkish stakeholders with an additional opportunity to comment on the Project, following a public hearing held on the EIA Application File on 2 July 2013.
forward to reviewing the ESIA to verify it meets the requirements of our Environmental and Social Policy, and we look forward to the