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ECPEngineering Change Proposal
ECPEnhanced Capability Port (type of computer parallel port)
ECPElectromagnetic Compatibility Program
ECPElectronic Communications in Probability
ECPEducational and Counselling Psychology (McGill University; Canada)
ECPÉcole Centrale Paris (Paris, France)
ECPEmerging Capital Partners (Washington, DC)
ECPNorthwest Florida Beaches International Airport (Panama City, FL)
ECPEnergy Conservation Plan
ECPEuro Contrôle Projet (French: Euro Control Project; est. 1988)
ECPExtended Capabilities Port (type of parallel port)
ECPEncryption Control Protocol
ECPEurop' Computer Performance (France)
ECPEligible Contract Participant (Dodd-Frank)
ECPEscadrilles Canadiennes de Plaisance (French)
ECPElectronically Controlled Pneumatic (railway braking system)
ECPE-Commerce Platform
ECPeosinophil cationic protein
ECPExchange Control Panel (Microsoft)
ECPElection Commission of Pakistan
ECPEye Care Professional
ECPEmergency Conservation Program
ECPEuropean Congress of Psychology
ECPEnhanced Compatible Port
ECPExtended Capabilities Port
ECPExternal Compliance Program
ECPExcessive Cross Posting
ECPElectronic Compliance Packaging
ECPError Correcting Protocol
ECPEnhanced Communications Port
ECPExternal Clock Prescaler
ECPEnhanced Client Proxy
ECPEngineering Change Procedure
ECPElliptic Curve Group
ECPEntry Control Point
ECPEngine Control Panel
ECPEast Coast Parkway (Singapore)
ECPEmergency Contraceptive Pill
ECPEmpty Category Principle (linguistics)
ECPExternal Counterpulsation
ECPEarly College Program (various schools)
ECPEuropean Commercial Paper
ECPElectronic Check Presentment
ECPEast Coast Park (Singapore)
ECPEstradiol Cypionate
ECPErosion Control Products
ECPExtended Care Program (various organizations)
ECPExtracorporeal Photophoresis (dermatology)
ECPEarly Childhood Project (various locations)
ECPEnvironmental Compliance Program (regulation)
ECPEntegris Cleaning Process (France)
ECPEarly Career Professional
ECPEnterprise Cache Protocol (InterSystems)
ECPEmergency Care Practitioner
ECPEngineering Computer Program
ECPEmployee Concerns Program (human resources)
ECPEye Care Practitioner
ECPEnlisted Commissioning Program
ECPEnvironmental Conservation Program (various organizations)
ECPEffective Core Potential
ECPE. Capital Partners (Italy)
ECPEmbedded C Programming (computing)
ECPÉcole de Croisière de Paris (French: Paris Cruise School; Paris, France)
ECPElectrochemical Plating
ECPEarly Commissioning Program (ROTC)
ECPElectronic Commerce Project (International Chamber of Commerce)
ECPElectron Capture
ECPEngineering Change Program
ECPLes Enfants et Les Chemins de fer en Provence (French: Children and Railways in Provence; elementary school contest)
ECPEye Care Provider
ECPExecutives of Construction Party (political party; Iran)
ECPEconomic Competitiveness Package (World Customs Organization)
ECPEnduring Connection Policy (Commission for Regulation of Utilities; Ireland)
ECPEuropean Cancer Prevention Organization
ECPEnhanced Call Processing
ECPEnterprise Change Process (various companies)
ECPEuropean Common Proposal
ECPEnvironmental Condition of Property
ECPEssex Community Players (Vermont)
ECPElectrochemical Corrosion Potential
ECPExternal Casing Packer (oil and gas industry)
ECPEssential Community Provider
ECPExperimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology
ECPExtended Cutting Plane
ECPEarly Commencement Program (education)
ECPExport Control Program
ECPElectron Channeling Pattern (electron diffraction method in the scanning electron microscope)
ECPEmballage Condition Plastique (French packaging company)
ECPExecutive Cellular Processor
ECPÉdition Conception Publication (French publishing company)
ECPEssence Communications Partners (publishing company)
ECPEndoscopic Cyclo Photocoagulation (glaucoma treatment)
ECPEmpresa Colombiana de Petróleos (Ecopetrol)
ECPEvangelism and Church Planting
ECPEcho Chamber Project (documentary)
ECPElliptic Curve Group Over GF(P)
ECPEurope Communication Promotion (France)
ECPEctrodactyly-Cleft Palate Syndrome
ECPEngineering Change Package
ECPEarth Contact Products (Olathe, KS)
ECPEstimated Critical Position
ECPError Correction Protocol
ECPEpiscopal Church At Princeton (Princeton, NJ)
ECPElectricity Capacity Planning (DOE, NEMS)
ECPElderly Cancer Patients
ECPEntrepreneurial Competitive Profile
ECPEmployee Contribution Project (DOL)
ECPEnhanced Communication Protocol
ECPEmergency Call Processing
ECPEmission Control Program (Philippines)
ECPEquivalent Circuit Parameter
ECPExposed Conductive Part
ECPEmergency Contraception/Contraceptive Pill
ECPExecutive Control Program
ECPEffective Communities Project (consultation to communities and their funders)
ECPEscherichia Coli Common Pilus
ECPEosinophil Chemotactic Protein
ECPElectronic Check Presentation
ECPExercise Control Plan
ECPEngineers' Club of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
ECPExtended Care Physicians (Asheville, NC)
ECPExchange Coupled Pair
ECPEmergency Command Precedence/Procedure
ECPEquipment Change Proposal
ECPEvents Center Paddock (National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO)
ECPEquipment Collection Point
ECPEnvironmental Control Processor
ECPEast Capitol Pensionne (Cebu, Philippines)
ECPExcessive Cross-Post(ing) (newsgroups)
ECPEmpowerment Contracting Program
ECPEmergency Change Proposal
ECPEmergency Cleanup Powder
ECPElectric Cooling Pump
ECPEnvironment Compliance Plan
ECPException Report Collection Process (Sprint)
ECPElectronic Product Codec
ECPExpected Coverage Plan
ECPExtended Care Paramedic (NSW, Australia)
ECPEnergy Conservation Product (China)
ECPEntreprises à Capitaux Privés (French: Business to Private Capital)
ECPEquivalent Component Pair
ECPExcepted Coverage Plan
ECPEnvironmental Control Panel (Nortel)
ECPEject Chamber Pressure
ECPElectronic Combat Pilot (US Air Force)
ECPExternal Compliance Plan
ECPElectronic Change Permit
ECPEmbedded Controller Program (software)
ECPEvent-Correlated Potentials
ECPEuropean Chiefs of Police
ECPEVGA (Extended Video Graphics Adapter/Array) Control Panel (EVGA Corporation)
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Unfortunately, HHS has failed to deliver on the safeguards of the Act, including the essential community provider requirement and the essential health benefits provision.
As the essential community provider requirement, essential health benefits package, and market reforms demonstrate, the Act includes numerous provisions that aim to remedy the inequities in insurance coverage experienced by individuals with complex, lifelong health conditions, such as HIV.
135) Although HHS has issued regulations purporting to implement the essential community provider requirement, these regulations are inconsistent with the plain language of the Act.
Under the final regulations, health plans in an exchange "may not be prohibited from contracting with any essential community provider.
DHHS, however, essentially rejected that approach in favor of flexibility for exchanges and health plans: Plans "must have a sufficient number and geographic distribution of essential community providers, where available, to ensure reasonable and timely access to a broad range of such providers.
Moreover, the Trump administration is already moving to weaken provider network requirements, by proposing that the proportion of essential community providers with which plans on the federal marketplace are required to contract be reduced from its current minimum of 30% to 20%.
Further, the proposal reduces the minimum percentage of essential community providers (those who serve predominantly low-income and medically underserved populations) in a network to 20% from the 30% instituted in 2015.
At least 10 percent of available essential community providers in the plan's service area participate in the applicant's provider network(s).
Even essential community providers will have to position themselves after a transition period to compete for patients if the plan works as intended to create more health care alternatives.
Toward this end, these plans must include so-called essential community providers (ECPs) in their provider networks.
The most important component of network adequacy for safety-net health centers providing family planning services--and for the people who rely on them--is plans' inclusion of essential community providers (ECPs; see "Vigilance Needed to Make Health Reform Work for 'Essential Community Providers'," Spring 2013).
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