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The AWaRe tool was developed by the WHO Essential Medicines List to contain rising resistance and make antibiotic use safer and more effective.
More than 150 countries use the UN's Essential Medicines List, which contains around 460 drugs deemed critical to treat public health needs.
The WHO's Essential Medicines List, which includes treatments that the WHO regards as global standards that should be available everywhere, aims to help governments make the best choices for their health systems.
'I said at the second stakeholders' meeting for the review of the Pharmacists Council Approved Patent Medicines List (APML) for the proposed three-tiered classification of PPMVs workshop in Abuja, that the proposed draft 7th edition of the Essential Medicines List (EML) which also contains the APML among other statutory lists is yet to be signed by the Honourable Minister of Health.
Despite SA having an excellent package of medications for asthma care in the Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Medicines List for South Africa, [8] the number of asthma deaths remains high, with SA being among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of such deaths.
Regulated by Decree No 7.646/2011, the main functions of the commission are to: (i) issue reports on the adoption, exclusion or alteration of health technologies by the SUS and establish or alter clinical protocols and treatment guidelines; (ii) update the National Essential Medicines List (Relacao Nacional de Medicamentos Essenciais--Rename).
Table 1: Drugs prescribed according to different groups Group Type of group Number of drugs (%) I Anti-inflammatory analgesic 491 (45.63) II Antimicrobials 447 (41.54) III Local applications 85 (7.90) IV Anti-inflammatory analgesic 24 (2.23) with combination V Multi-vitamins 10 (0.93) VI Anti-ulcer 7 (0.65) VII Others * Carbamazepine 6 (0.56) * Anti-oxidant 5 (0.46) * Tablet diazepam 1 (0.09) Total 1076 (100) Table 2: WHO core prescribing indicators Average number of drugs per encounter 1.82 Percentage of drugs prescribed by generic name 1.58 Percentage of encounters with an antibiotic prescribed 41.54 Percentage of encounters with an injection prescribed 0.38 Percentage of drugs prescribed from essential medicines list 85.03 or formulary
An essential medicines list has now been instituted, which ensures availability of a group of basic medicines, offers high reimbursement rates compared to drugs not on the list, and prohibits providers levying additional charges on drugs.
The 11th plan envisaged developing essential medicines list, standard treatment guidelines, safe drugs, their rational use and dissemination of information with respect to these.
Public sector medicine outlets typically stock only a single generic version of medicines on the national Essential Medicines List (EML).
Table I lists the current paediatric dosing recommendations for commonly prescribed analgesics, with particular emphasis on those included in the South African Essential Medicines List.
Many medicines, such as the anti-infection agent amikacin, and the antibiotic cycloserine, which are included in the World Health Organisation's essential medicines list, are not included in the Indian NLEM, said Chinu Srinivasan, member of the All India Drug Action Network, which has been campaigning for drug price caps.
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